YouTube usage and trends marketers should know

YouTube usage and trends marketers should know


YouTube, where all videos are posted, is a useful platform for marketing measures.

Since 2005 when the video was first posted to YouTube, it has grown to over 2 billion viewers over the past 15 years. YouTube is useful for everyone because it has everything from cosmetics to games. For marketers, YouTube is a platform for business growth that can reach a wide range of viewers. Marketers about the growing YouTube trend.

79% of Internet users have YouTube accounts

According to a Statistical survey, YouTube has reached 2 billion monthly active users. In addition, 79% of Internet users are said to have YouTube accounts. This refers to people who have logged in to YouTube more than once a month and does not include users who do not have an account. It is an extremely large market for implementing marketing measures.

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YouTube is available in 80 languages, well above Facebook’s 43. Since it can cover 95% of Internet users, it is effective for a business that develops internationally. In the United States, 90% of users aged 18 to 44 use YouTube. 51% of users over the age of 75 are now watching YouTube. To reach a wide range of generations, YouTube advertising is effective.

YouTube usage and trends marketers should know

90% of users have experience learning new products and companies on YouTube

YouTube totals 1 billion hours of video playback each day. In particular, the number of how-to videos has increased by 70% every year, and you can see how YouTube is being used as content for learning something. Already, 62% of companies have created YouTube channels to post videos for marketing. Therefore, according to a survey, 90% of users have experience of knowing new products and companies on YouTube. Making an impressive video will help to increase your visibility as you roll out your product to a new market.

More than 70% of YouTube viewing is done on mobile devices, and 37% of all internet traffic is from YouTube. As the communication environment becomes more sophisticated, the trend where mobile terminals are emphasized will not change.

YouTube is becoming an integral part of people’s lives. An analysis of how the platform is being used reveals why companies should understand the trends and use them in their marketing strategies.

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