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10 Top Skills For Work From Home Jobs


work from home jobs

No matter how satisfying a full-time career in tech may be, there’s one thing for plenty of creative spirits out there that

is much more important than big pay and excellent benefits: working for yourself.

Choosing the entrepreneurship route is undoubtedly more dangerous than keeping a 9-5 job, and needs far more effort.

However, if you’re reaping the lifestyle rewards of being your boss and making substantially more money than you

might at your daytime job, it’s all going to have been worth the hard work.

When I meet and speak to fellow tech entrepreneurs, the question I’m most asked (by far) is, “How do I know the

company I should start? “It also follows immediately,” How do I get started when I’m still working my full-time job?

It makes no sense.


With how many applications, online platforms, and companies that already exist, many of us don’t have the

And if you’re new to tech, you’re likely a little confused about exactly what company you should start as a beginner.

OK, it turns out that Complete Beginners launched loads of tech companies. In fact, by doing so, you’ll learn best.

Yet if you are worried about putting your life and livelihood on the line for a brand new business venture, then it’s

always understandable.


Starting a company while working full time, so you can check your way through Your new product or service,

get reviews and validate the company concept and start generating income before you leave your job.

I always make sure that when I set out to start a new company,

Which is, I need to be fantastic at it, and I enjoy doing it.

It’s how I make sure that I’m going to get involved, even when the going gets tough.

With that in mind, I’ve put together this list of 10 Businesses You Can Start with

Technical Skills

Your New Technical Skills to help give you some starting points on established business concepts.

Many of these can carry with your daily routine job.

That means you don’t have to quite for 9-5 jobs in the initial phase, but it could gradually be your primary source of revenue.

If I missed any good ones, please share in the comments below your best ideas for tech-related side businesses!

If you’re ready to get started while you’re still working on a venture, enter my launching course while working.


Designing websites are beneficial for businesses with technology.

It involves the art of designing for people using a website or app a beautiful, value-driven experience.

In need of professional web design, there are always new websites developing, and Udemy provides a very in-depth

Web Developer Blueprint that you can complete in just three months to establish your foundation as a web designer.


If you’re an expert at anything, there will be an online audience of people willing to pay to become self-sufficient in your field.

If you are doing development work for a client who would like to learn how to cover the basics on their own so that

they can avoid paying you for the ongoing research,

why not accept that fact and give her access to a collection of online courses that will teach them the basics of what they want to do?

And if you only have a customer for whom you would like to start reducing your workload,

try to put together a personalized bundle of content for them to learn how to meet their own needs after you’ve left
and place a premium tag on the content.

If you record all your steps while making a WordPress Website, The kit could be an online course or tool!


Packaging your new skills and expertise into a downloadable eBook that brings value to those looking to learn in your profession,

progress in their careers, or start up their businesses, makes for a good value proposition if you target the right market.

Check out a great guide to selling eBooks online from Leslie Samuel and start developing your plan.


Countless small businesses launch their web presence using a website hosted by WordPress until they need to migrate to other solutions for different reasons.

Many of them would pay for somebody several thousand dollars to get them set up online, particularly if they need unique features beyond the reach of a restricted prototype.

You can set your hours, pick the customers you want to work with, and work remotely anywhere you want.

Enroll in the WordPress Developer Model at Udemy and get the skills you need to make that happen.


As with online coaching and selling eBooks, you can turn the winning mix into providing one-on-one online coaching

services when you have something you’re good at and very passionate about that.

In creating an online coaching company, Online tutorials will give you a step-by-step plan to bring your skills and experience into the work.

Check out its content to start a jump on this career.


You’ll have highly useful skills as a web developer that is in extremely high demand.

Once you have commanded a knowledge of HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript,

you will begin to take on freelance projects to develop your portfolio while you are still in full-time employment.

You’ll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

YouTube has a lot of quality tutorials which will help you

develop basic understanding for advance level you may

hire someone trained enough to transfer skills into you.


If you already have a focused traffic-driving website, a perfect way to gain passive income from the content you are producing is through affiliate marketing.

Maybe your blog content is oriented towards teaching others how to develop their WordPress websites or custom plugins, or you are providing free tutorials to build a mobile application.

Using Clickbank, Skimlinks, and Rakuten, you can monetize the traffic to your website all fantastic affiliate marketing

tools and networks that will help you make money out of the content you already create.


Think blogging isn’t a viable revenue stream anymore? Feel it over again. Owing to a mix of gathering blog readers,

affiliate ads, sponsorships, and other revenue sources, thousands of bloggers producing content around tech skills

applications are launching self-employed careers.

Start with the ultimate free guide to making money blogging given by Amy Andrews.


It’s not for all, but it’s a fantastic add-on service if your tech expertise can get you through the door to work with a client,

and you do have a knack to writing convincing copies.

You can do it with experience, and a growing portfolio charges your copy writing services just as much as you can for your time in production.

Take this free guide to start a career in freelance journalism.


People will be pleased to sign up for your daily free content if you can produce value-driven,

engaging video content around tutorials, and actionable tips and tricks.

If you can raise your user base to a few thousand subscribers, your videos can start generating very

significant revenue from the ads shown on them.

Every year, many YouTube users are going far into the millions.

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