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WordPress is the most common and successful content management system. Due to its open-source nature, it allows everyone to create customized blogs or websites. According to W3Techs, on the internet, 38% of all the websites are powered by WordPress. In fact, more than one out of four websites are likely running through this platform. Technically, WordPress functions under the GPLv2 license, written in PHP, and uses the database for building the websites. Since people are inclining towards blogging, internet marketing, and web mastering, WordPress has made it possible for everyone to overhaul their business online, be it an established business or a startup. Its CMS tool makes it convenient to modify, edit, or customize content. There’s no need for having traditional HTML software anymore.

The Idea for the internet was first shared somewhere between the 1980s and 1990s, and it didn’t take much time for it to become the most commonly used necessity for a common Individual. In fact, it was the same period when HTML, SGML was introduced in the world of web development. Shortly after, websites were developed by a software development company which is why countless brands started to invest in the online market and started to earn from it. At that time, HTML, SGML turned out to be the fundamental building block for the World Wide Web. Later, WAN and LAN were launched and they presented more ways to host websites. Since then, web development became the traditional form of marketing, and web developers could help create and manage websites. Moreover, the customization was also limited at some points.

A drastic change emerged when Google, Amazon, and likewise entities raised the bars of revenues in the business world, and from there, the tech marathon started. In the modern era, as the result of the improved hardware, various broader networks then cultivated multiple ways of creating and hosting business-related and personal websites. Similarly, WordPress is one of them.

When we see the history of WordPress, the idea incited in the mind of Matt Mullenweg, when b2/cafelog blogging system had given up allowing and updating more of his creation. After thousands of trials and errors, finally, he invented the first version of WordPress that was launched on 27th May 2003.

Since its creation, users are attaining great advantages from WordPress, from the target keyword to its designs, everything is accessible and under-control. It’s rapidly growing and will never stop anywhere. This can be proved by the fact that WordPress 5.3 was released on 12 November 2019 and it has crossed up to 8 million downloads.

It compels us to think about what are the reasons behind the popularity of WordPress.

Several reasons support the idea of its fame. Before some years, it was merely a blog creation tool along with some other features. But, now, its core code has changed. Besides, its extensive range of plugins and themes make it more feasible and flexible to use for every individual. Therefore, now is possible to create any type of business or personal website with WordPress. Here are some more things you can do with WordPress.

  • eCommerce store
  • Blogs
  • Resume
  • Business websites
  • Portfolios
  • Social networks
  • Forums and many more.

While looking at the advantages of WordPress, it’s packed with multiple benefits including plugins and exceptional themes. If you’re a marketer, one point stands out for you.

WordPress is a worthwhile CMS and best for SEO.

By following these easy-going steps, an eCommerce website can be created with WordPress:

  • Decide domain name
  • Sign in to hosting provider
  • Install WordPress
  • Install WooCommerce and complete configuration
  • Select a theme and add a product with details
  • Install additional plugins
  • And keep your website public

Perks and Privileges with WordPress:

WordPress extension gives a professional, and attractive appearance. Its plugins and themes work collectively, to make it user-friendly and help to craft a pleasant user-experience. The longer the visitors’ stay, the least the chances of the bounce rate of the site. Besides, Google rewards websites with great user experience. Thus, websites powered by WordPress, rank soon.  Moreover, WordPress offers awesome plugins specifically for SEO optimization, Image optimization, and many more.

The downside of WordPress:

Any ranked website can go down in a couple of hours or days without any prior notice If you aren’t actively observing your website. However, it leaves a negative impact on your business. WordPress frequently updates its plugins and themes. With this ever-changing nature, the users need to be stick with these updates.  The links can break and the website can crash, in case of not updating technological advancements and glitches of WordPress.

Here are other top eCommerce and subscription-based website development platforms too, likewise:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Drupal & Joomla
  • Wix, Weebly & Squarespace
  • Magneto
  • Shopify

Let’s have a glance at why WordPress is best among others.

  • User-friendly
  • Easy-to-customize
  • Built-in SEO plugins
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Easy-to- integrate social media platforms and campaigns
  • Able to create compelling permalinks
  • SEO- friendly images and themes

Several website management companies are there, which offer IT solutions and digital services to their clients. Silicon Graphics is one of them. It’s a software development company that ensures standard tech-related solutions to startups and giant enterprises. Besides, Silicon Graphics also offers its assistance as an eCommerce app development company to add value to the businesses.

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