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Why You Should Use Organic Beauty Products? 5 Key Reasons To Consider


You think the multi-billion-dollar beauty, skincare and makeup industry thinks of your well-being in 2020. If your answer is Yes than think again as this would be a gross abuse. These companies are just looking to fill their own pockets without even thinking about the fact that what their products would do to your skin and health later on. In 2019, the US FDA (Food and Drug Organization) ordered 9 brands to remove their beauty and skin care items from the market.

Although the reason may surprise you, it is very common in domestic circles. Asbestos a chemical substance is on higher concentration in these 9 brands. Asbestos can cause skin cancer and other damaging effects on the human body.

In this comprehensive article, we talk to Amanda Joe, a leading natural makeup and beauty consultant, about organic bunnies, and ask her about five reasons we should move on to organic brands. However, before we do, let’s first look at why brands are not reluctant to use chemicals.

Why Does The Cosmetic Industry Still Use Chemicals In Products?

What would you do if you had already invested billions of dollars in R&D? Would you stop using it even though some people have problems? No, you won’t! The beauty, makeup, and skin care industry is estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Chemical use is not only widespread but also widely accepted and common. The argument, given that, is the times of improvement and the level of perfect testing. However, tests are performed on innocent animals such as rats, monkeys and others. Some of the checks even pose serious health issues to these animals as well.

Using natural ingredients means growing, cutting and using them responsibly. If the big brands shift to natural locations, there is no time or patience to prepare for assembly production. All of their products are manufactured in labs, where the chemical can be easily manufactured and meet the requirements of mass production.

Below Are Five Reasons You Should Move On to Organic Skincare Brands

Contains No Harmful Chemicals

We all are different individuals. We not only differ nature wise we also have different skin and body types. what suits your skin might not be the best option for your friend’s skin. While some types of skin may be affected by chemicals, others may have breakouts, allergies or worse. Some chemicals that are commonly used are parabens, carbon, lead, quaternium, and others. Natural skin care products contain no chemicals or toxins, and are acceptable in many more skin types.

They Smell Better

The odor you see on chemical products is artificial. They use synthetic chemicals to mimic fragrances. The products of hyper-allergic skin types are odor free. When you use natural and organic products, the smell is less but natural. It is all natural and does not use any chemicals to create fragrance.

They Do Not Oppress Animals

To determine if chemical products are suitable for human consumption, brands use inhumane and hateful techniques, such as animal testing. Nearly all of the world’s biggest brands are still in this exercise, which takes place in offsite sites in Africa and Asia. Mice, rats, dogs, chimpanzees and monkeys are caged and tested.

They Are Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly

Natural skincare products gather their components from the atmosphere. Herbs, flowers, stems, blisters, etc. are the common ingredients that make up their composition. This means they need to be sustainable and apply as much as they are using. They can’t even go for mass production, because it won’t be suitable for the environment. They are responsible for nature and are even packed in eco-friendly makeup boxes so once used can be easily recycled.

They Care About Their Customers

No natural skin care brand is a billion-dollar corporation. They pay close attention to their customers’ needs and are more open to feedback. This helps them improve their product and get more feedback from customers. When you compare it to another major chemical brand, you will notice a difference.

The Last Word

Just as we become aware of what we are eating and putting into our bodies, so we must begin to take care of and realize what we are putting on our skin. What you put on your skin can sink into the pores and become a part of your blood.

That’s why it’s time to move away from harmful chemical-based beauty, make-up, and skin care products and move on to natural, organic and vegan brands and products.

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