Why is Flutter so popular in app developers?


Flutter is a very popular and powerful platform used by mobile and web developers due to its features, let’s look at the things that make flutter so attractive to developers.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform toolkit developed by Google, it is an open-source platform that is used by the developers to build mobile OS, web, and desktop applications code.

How it Works?

Flutter uses a unique client-server-side language developed by Google, Dart. It is an object oriented language and is supported by the C++ in the core flutter program which enables fast performance compared to apps developed on other platforms.

Why is it Popular?

The following are the features that make flutter popular to the developers.

Cross-Platform Development:

One of the most attractive features of flutter is that it provides cross-platform development, which means that once you develop a code for mobile OS or web or desktop that code can be used for the other platforms as well and vice versa using flutter. The benefit it presents to the developers is that once they develop functionality in the app in one platform such as mobile OS, they can easily use that functionality on another platform as well, thanks to fluttering, this will reduce the development and coding time that a developer serves in making same functionalities for different platforms. So, in essence, the developer can save coding time and focus on other functionalities development that will lead to fewer working hours and productive time, meaning budget and time constraints are lessened on the project development.

Native Competitive Apps:

With flutter you are empowered to develop apps that have dynamic performance, running, UI design comparable to the apps that are developed using the native platform, the reason that this presents an edge over native is that the cost of development on native is higher that of the flutter but the apps developed give the same performance in every aspect. The native feel and features that the apps developed using flutter give boost the user experience of the audience and are also cost-friendly for the development.

Low-Budget Development:

The budget for development for the flutter apps is very low as compared to the native apps. It means that the apps developed on the flutter platform can be much cheaper than that of the native platform but will the same performance level. Additionally, the maintenance cost for the apps developed on the native platform is much higher than that of the ones developed on the flutter platform, so in the long run, the projects developed on flutter will save more cost.

DevOps Support:

The terms DevOps has been recently introduced in the software development society, in this practice, you make live changes in an operational environment and load the project with a new patch. The “Hot Reload” feature of the flutter platform give the developers a way to implements live changes in running websites, meaning that the business operation on the websites will be running as their daily routine but the developers will be able to patch and release new updates for them without interrupting the business environment, the advantage of this is business continuity and it retains a lot of customers as traditionally the sites are taken down from live environment to patch the updates and other bugs but the business continuity is compromised by this and there is a danger of customer lose, which is a death-sentence for big websites such as Amazon and others, to cope up with it they use DevOps concept live patches and changes in running environment to ensure their business continuity, so the apps and websites developed will have an edge on others in business continuity.

Ease of Use:

The flutter platform is very easy to use for the development of apps as compared to the native platform as you don’t have to establish a connection to the services like the native platform where you have to make a connection to the server-side native framework to ensure full functionality. It also helps in lessening the development time served in coding and focus on other remaining tasks. It is also very easy to use as compared to the development procedure on the native platform, flutter has minus many of the annoying procedures that are frustrating for the developers. For all of these reasons, most of the top app development companies prefer Flutter toolkit such as @appdevelopmentpros.


Flutter is a very helpful platform for developers which is also growing at a rapid pace, which is ensuring that much more useful features for the app developers have yet to come. By developing on flutter you will get to experience all the privileges that this platform provides.

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