Tactical Pen

Why everyone should have a tactical pen?


The tactical pen looks kinda cool.  Although you can’t consider a pen as a cool weapon or a useful weapon, not with this pen really. Tactical Pens are realistic safety tools. In recent years, these pens have been hitting the news around the internet. Will it be worth collecting one?

So, what is a tactical pen?

Tactical pens are pens with multi-functioned tools. It has a forged, hardened, and often super sharp tip on the other side that’s how it is not used only for writing. The sharp tip of this pen can be used for poking, stabbing, breaking glasses, actually to incapacitate anyone who seems to be dangerous.

The body is made of sturdy steel. ABS plastic, hard nylon, aluminum, and steel, like a durable clip, are all very common. With a random design, it really appears as an ordinary pen you use regularly. Here is the advantage, any possible assailant won’t know that you have something to protect yourself.

These pens can be used to defend yourself from attackers even from wild animals in danger, and also from car accidents by breaking glass.

For what a tactical pen is used?

The main common purpose of a tactical pen is self-defense in danger. This pen is intended to protect you from attackers.

The sharp glass-breaking tip of the tactical pen is made of high-quality steel, like an aluminum aircraft, to send the attacker an immediate effect, able to make them stop. You may also use it to avoid any attack by a minor injury.

First responders as firefighters and police found glass breakers useful in accidents, as it may break car glass in order to remove people from the car. People should keep a tactical pen in their car to rescue themselves in such accidental situations.

Nowadays, some of these tactical pens have such features to write on tablets or smartphones. Isn’t that great?

Tactical Pen
Tactical Pen

Why should you get A Tactical Pen?

A tactical pen can be carried for many reasons. Since it’s a pen with a strong structure, mostly it is to use as a medium of writing. These pens are really durable and won’t be ended up early as a cheap ballpoint.

Sometimes it can be used for self-defense purposes. To keep yourself safe you can’t carry a gun or knives as these are illegal and kind of risky sometimes. But tactical pens are totally safe as they look like other pens. Through this hidden safety tool, you can make an escape from the attackers without giving them any kind of hints.

In order to defend yourself from attackers, you have to learn the process of using a tactical pen.  Attacker’s face, specifically their eyes, nose, then the base of the neck, sternum, throat, bicep, ribs, groin, and knees are the most vulnerable targets.

Then the glass breaker, that sharp tip can also be a great use to break out the car window if, somehow you are trapped in it.

Some of the tactical pens have other features also, such as a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, flashlight, etc. a set of mini tools.

A writing pen that can be used for self-defense with a glass breaking tip, who needs more reasons to buy it? With strong materials and steel made body these pens are really long-lasting and never will be out of fashion.


These are the points to know why you should have a tactical pen. The main advantage of this pen is that it is a common pen for regular use still being a self-protecting device. Without any disadvantages, these pens have many benefits and use. Perhaps, you don’t have to use it as a safety weapon still choose tactical pens rather than random ones, in case, someday you find a need for this weapon, you never know.

FAQs of Tactical Pen

Does it worth the price?

Tactical Pens can be costly but the benefits you get really worth it. Its durability and reliable style with self-protecting devices make it valuable.

Can your pistol or knife be replaced by a tactical pen?

No, that can’t happen. A tactical pen is designed to escape after giving some minor injuries to the attacker.

For tactical pens, what are the best applications?

These pens are best for writing. But they also provide an easy and handy self-defense weapon. And one of the unique features is the glass breaking tip, in emergencies, it is to use for breaking car windows.

Do I have to train with my tactical pen?

This is a must. Without knowing the method of using attackers buying a tactical pen is useless. Use the four poking and scraping movements to practice with your weapon. Drill your pen in your pocket from the starting point. Remember how you’ve been learning to write for a while? It takes time for you to use the pen as a tool to be professional.

Where to buy the best tactical pen?

You can buy a tactical pen from online stores. Even you can pick it from the provider’s online shops like – ABP Tactical. They have a huge collection of tactical gear like a tactical pen, survival pens, and tactical shovels.

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