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What Things Should We Consider Before Buying A Pet Food?


The human-animal bond has become a culture in many states, this bond explains the love human has for their pets, they consider pets as their family member and do everything possible to comfort them.

It is concluded from a survey held in the United Kingdom in 2021, 12 million dogs and cats are living there in the UK homes, the survey also found that there are one million rabbits and 1.3 million birds people own as pets.

People who own pets have got a lot of options when it comes to pet food, most of the time they aren’t sure about which pet food should they buy and why?

Though there are a lot of things that we should consider before buying pet food, we will discuss all of them in this article.

Just as we have different types of pets, similarly there are different types of food to feed them in the market, we can’t use dog food to feed your cat and vice versa, we need to do a did deep before buying the best pet food for our pets.

Nutrition Facts about Pet Food

1. Dog Food Nutrition

A balanced and healthy dog diet mainly includes carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and a proper quantity of fats, well you cant decide the quantity of these nutritions on your own, you need to consult a vet if you don’t know anything about pet food.

You can also use the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guide for a complete and healthy dog food diet.


Whenever you buy dog food, first decide whether you should buy wet or dry dog food depending on the likeness of your dog, after that check for some essentials on the can or pack, like:

  • Buy dog food according to your dog breed
  • Brand and product name should be mentioned 
  • The name and ratio of ingredients should be mentioned 
  • Check for the name and address of the manufacturing company 
  • Check for the product expiration date 

Other things must be followed before serving food to your dogs you should check for potential allergens like if your dog is allergic to some artificial flavors or anything mentioned on the food can, this could worsen the allergy.

Make a feeding schedule or set a reminder after consulting with a vet to feed your dog at a proper time, some dogs like to feed in the morning, some like to feed after a regular morning walk, you need to consider all such things.

You should not serve them with too much food quantity this could upset their stomach or cause them other issues, and you will have to rush to the vet.

Similar to us humans, dogs need food according to their age, you can’t feed a 6-month dog with a diet of a 1-year old dog because of the nutritions your pet need for perfect metabolism.

Once your dogs are in adulthood you need a special check on their diet, they should not consume much proteins and minerals, otherwise, they will be overweighted.

2. Homemade Dog Food

Some of us are very picky when it comes to our pets, we don’t believe in ready-made pet food because of the artificial colors and flavors.

homemadedogdiy homemade dog food recipe dog recipes 1

If you are the picky one then this section is very helpful for you, we are going to list some best homemade dog food recipes here.

3. Salmon Dog Meal Recipe

This recipe is very ideal if you wanna eat healthy yourself and wanna feed your dog with a healthy meal as well, this recipe is also eco-friendly and needs no such cooking expertise to make.


List of Ingredients

  • 2 portions of salmon with skin on
  • 3 potatoes of medium size
  • 2 fresh carrots 
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 medium size squash
  • 1 broccoli with stem

Follow the directions below to make it

  • Start by peeling carrots, cut squash and broccoli stem, mix them well.
  • Make potato shavings and fry them on a light flame after pouring one tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Now, fry salmon with the skin on a medium flame after pouring 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • After one side of salmon is crisply fried, turn over another side, once both the sides are ready take out the crispy salmon skin and put them in a bowl.
  • After that, bake the mixed vegetables mentioned in step 1, you can also use a rice cooker to steam them.
  • Now you are at the last step, pour the baked or steamed vegetables in a bowl already containing crispy salmon skin, mix them well, and you are good to serve your dog with healthy homemade dog food.
4. Cat Food Nutrition

Cats eat anything from garbage cans or trash but there is a thing you are what you eat if you have a cat pet, you will need the best cat food for it.

Pets lovers, should know that if they feed their pets with a healthy and suitable diet this will eliminate the chances of visiting vets.

catfoodcat eating food in bowl

Whether it is a cat or a dog, both of them need a perfect ratio of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and water in their diet to make their metabolism strong.

You can follow all the things mentioned above for dogs in a similar manner to feed your cats, you should take care of all the dos and don’ts before buying canned food for your cats.

There are some basic cat nutritions:

  • You can use meat, fish, or any other poultry source to feed your cat with proteins.
  • You should include taurine as an amino acid to complete your cat’s nutrition.
  • Include proper ratio of enzymes and fatty acids in the diet.
  • Normally cats don’t need carbohydrates as such so be careful with that.
  • If your cat has any stomach issues, doesn’t prefer old canned food, try fresh homemade cat food.

Pet Food Express

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They also offer additional pet services including, Self-Service pet wash, Community Veterinary Clinics, Wellness Center, and Dog Training.

You can buy the best pet food from the Pet Food Express site online, and can also have their services if you are in the regions they covered.

Bottom Line

If you are a pet parent or owner you must want the best care for your pets that includes the best pet food, you can read the sections above to know the nutrition for your dogs and cats, you can check for homemade dog food recipes.

Though you can also check the Pet Food Express site to buy perfect pet food for your pets, they also offer some additional services, check if you need them.


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