What Are Social Media Dangers & How To Protect Kids

What are social media dangers & how to protect kids?


Social media usage is on the rise, and in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with it. However, spending too much time on it could cause problems for users. The use of social media has become beneficial for everyone, but nowadays, teens and children used to spend hours and hours on it. Therefore, it has come up with plenty of dangers for kids. Social media has its potential dangers parents and kids need to aware of the fact. On the other side, it causes serious health problems, stress, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Parents have to realize that how social media could be dangerous for kids and how they can protect them to the fullest. In this post, we will bring light on social media dangers and tips to protect kids.

Social Media
Social Media

Social media dangers for kids

There are plenty of potential dangers associated with social media, and its frequent usage can make your kids vulnerable to the following.

Cyber Bullying

According to the PEW research center, 1 out of 5 kids experiences online bullying repeatedly. Therefore, parents should look after cellphone activities of kids connected to the internet. Kids are used to downloading social media apps, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many more. Social media is the digital space where kids encounter online predators and get abuse verbally via text messages, voice messages, and sexually explicit media sharing.


Stalkers are everywhere on social platforms. So, parents have to keep an eye on the social media interactions of kids. Stalkers online indirectly approach teens via social networks and show their interest in intimacy with them. Most of the tweens got trapped in intimate conversations, and finally, they ask to meet them in real –life. Finally, stalkers play with teens, emotions, and dignity and then move towards the next target.

Sex –offenders

Sex –offenders don’t need to present in your surrounding neighborhoods. They are everywhere, and social media is the haven for them to target the young victim. Sex offenders could be a pedophile, sexual predator, or anything else. They use to target kids online these days because it can protect their privacy. Therefore, kids and tweens are common victims of sex –offenders.  They become friends with the kids online, and after that, they meet them in real –life to abuse them in person.

Health issues

The frequent use of social messaging apps and other social platforms can cause health issues for kids. Most of the tweens and kids are addicted to social media, and they spend all day long. Social media is fueling bedroom culture in kids, and depression, anxiety, and stress are a common health problem in them.

Blind online dating

There are plenty of social media apps that are also popular for online datings, like Facebook and Snapchat, in particular. 30% of teens use social media for online dating with strangers and then met them in person. Therefore, parents aware of the fact that online dating for minors is dangerous.

Access to adult content

90% of the young boys and 63% of the young girls are addicted to adult or porn content. Nowadays, iPhone has become iporn, and digital phones have become x-rated theaters for kids. So, parents need to protect kids from carnal content and their obsession.

How parents can protect kids from social media dangers?

Parents should follow the top 5 tips mentioned below to make sure kids online safe, particularly on social media.

  • Parents should educate children about the use of social media on cellphones.
  • You can establish an age limit for children to use social media.
  • Parents can get set some ground roles in the use of cellphones installed instant messaging apps.
  • Guide your kids about the online dangers and how they use to operate and trap kids.
  • Set parental control on kids digital phones

When parents get tired of telling kids about social media dangers, and yet you believe it is not worthy, then you can use cellphone parental control software on their phones. It will enable you to record phone screen, social media logs, voice calls, messages, and media sharing, and about every activity. It would help you out to know about the secret activities of kids to the fullest.


Social media has become a wild beast for kids.  Parents have to do something for the digital well-being of the children, and there is no better option for parents to use the technology to set social media spying on kids to protect them from social media dangers.

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