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What are Pre-Roll Joints and how many kinds of pre-roll joints?


The dispensary shops have different types of pre-rolls available, and you might have seen these pre-rolls placed on the shelves. Pre-rolls are also called the pre-rolled joints, and the pre-roll packaging usually has all the information regarding the pre-rolls. They are ground cannabis flowers and are finely wrapped in a rolling paper. The pre-rolls have a filling of cannabis and are similar to cigarettes. There are different kinds of pre-rolls and are filled with hash, Kief, hemp, and other cannabis. Below are the different types of pre-roll joints available in the market and you can choose from a wide variety of pre-roll types.

Classic Cone Joints

Classics cone joints can be bought at standard dispensaries. They are lightweight and weigh.5-.75 grams. The joints are usually rolled in hemp and unbleached papers. The cones of the joints have cannabis filled in it. They are twisted and are easy to light up evenly. The cone shape of these joints allows you to burn them quickly.

King-Sized Cones

King-Sized cones are similar to classic cones but are more extensive. They are the best option for you if you like to share them with your friends and family. They are filled with ground flowers and come in cone shapes. The cones are long and thick and are filled with a large portion of cannabis.

Ordinary Joints

Ordinary joints come in an average cigarette size and are rolled with hemp. They come with a small cardboard filter and keep your lips safe. They are small in size and have an abalone shape.

Gold-Leaf Joints

Gold-leaf pre-rolls are stalked up in the dispensary shelves as they are popular. They come in a standard size and have a cone shape. They come wrapped in a gold-leaf wrapper are filled with cannabis flowers. They have beautiful wrapping and are wrapped in gold papers.


Blunts are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are filled with half a gram flower. They come rolled in a hemp wrapper and are not wrapped in tobacco leaves. There are some types of blunts that are wrapped in tobacco lead wrapping. The blunt wraps are also offered in different flavors. The pre-rolled blunts are hemp wraps and are a popular item at the dispensary shops as they are CBD products and have many health benefits. They are suitable for your joints and help you in making your bones strong.

Cannabis Cigarettes

Cannabis cigarettes are one of the most popular forms of pre-rolls as they are similar to ordinary cigarettes. They are very much like cigarettes and come wrapped in paper funnels. They are fully stuffed with cannabis flowers and are designed in packs of 3-12. Some of them also come with foam cigarette filters for convenience.


Spliffs cannot be bought at dispensaries because they are filled with tobacco. When we talk about pre-rolls, then Spliffs need to be mentioned because they are a popular form of rolled cannabis. A spliff is combined with tobacco and cannabis, and it is rolled in an unbleached cigarette paper.

Kief Joints

Kief’s joints are healthy and safe as they are made with Kief. There is no cannabis flower added to it, and the user smokes straight from the cigar. The Kief’s joints give a powerful smoking session. They come in different shapes and sizes and are wrapped in papers. The Kief joints are one of the most popular pre-rolls and are sold at affordable prices.

Unique pre-roll packaging

There are many types of pre-rolls, and they are available at dispensaries. There are many brands that are selling pre-rolls joints. The brands have realized how important the packaging is for a product and how it increases sales. The custom boxes for pre-rolls must be designed uniquely and attractively so that the customers buy them. If the pre-rolls are packaged in dull packaging, they would not be interested in buying them. The dispensaries are filled with pre-rolls from various brands, and it can be hard to catch the customers’ attention.

The best choice is to create a unique packaging for your pre-rolls so that the sales are increased. The packaging should also be sustainable so that the pre-rolls stay safe and protected inside the packaging. There are many kinds of pre-rolls available, so it is also essential to provide all the pre-rolls information. The customers want to buy products after getting to know about them in detail. It is best to use printing technology to print all the valuable and necessary information about the pre-rolls. If you provide the customers with detailed information about the product, they will make a confident buy and come back again to buy from your brand.

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