Welcome Yourself To The Floral Summer Delights

Welcome Yourself To The Floral Summer Delights


Summer is that time of the year when we have finally packed all our winter clothes and are awaiting to flaunt ourselves in lots of colors. It is also that time when we finally leave hot cocoa behind and are ready to grab our slushies and lemonades, just relax for a while in the park and finally get going with your normal life. Well, when it comes to summer’s people think that it is that time of the year when you cannot grow any flowers when greenery is almost dead and we are just waiting for the rainy season to leave their drops and freshen a life once again. If you think the same then this is the reality check for you that when online flower delivery is very easily available of your favorite flowers then obviously there are many flowers that you can grow during the summer season and enjoy the greenery. So let’s check out the flowers that you can grow along with the summers –

1) Lilies


If there is one flower that can stand the test of time-temperature and climate it is none other than Lily. Please can love to survive in the worst possible seasonal conditions? Lilies have a unique way of functioning they actually dry their leaves and retain the moisture in their bulb to keep themselves alive. Sugar release during summer all you need to do is, take a pot and in the bottom of it add a few rocks, followed by organic compost. The rocks at the bottom actually allow the composition to be moist and not wet. Now plant your lilies all the Lily bulbs in the soil and you are done. Even you can send lilies online to your loved ones.

2) Blanket Flowers

If you live in an area where there are extremely hot summers, and there is a shortage of water supply then definitely blanket flowers would be your best choice. Blanket flowers can grow very easily in extremely hot climates without any issues and even if the soil is poor it will not be an issue for them. Although the flower has a short span of life, it comes in a variety of shapes of red, yellow, gold, and brown. These bright colors would be an amazing add on to your garden and one of the best parts is that you can always ask a nursery or any florist for flower delivery in Bangalore of planted flowers.

3) Gloriosa Daisy

Whenever you think of growing gloriosa daisy, it’ll be one of the best flowers. It’s also called black-eyed Susan because of its outlook it is a combination of red yellow and dark brown center which looks like an eye. You can sow the seeds of gloriosa daisy between  September to November or maybe near about spring season. All you need to do is remove all the waves from the ground and big the soil up to 2 inches, sow the seeds and cover with the soil again, your work is done. Now within 21 days, seedlings will come out. Make sure the soil is moist and well-drained.

4) Musk Rose

If you are an account of rose flowers like me then definitely rose is one of the best roses to grow especially for a garden that needs good fragrance. One of the very first things that you need to remember while growing a musk rose is that it needs proper moisture and well-drained soil. The sun might be full or partial and it will be better if you plant in a pot so that in the bottom of the pot you can add a few rocks for proper air circulation and make sure that any things which are dead and decaying do not stay near the plant.

5) Marigold


Whether it is summer, winter, rainy season, this flower has never lost its charm and we all can say that in this way, this is one of the best flowers to add color and fragrance to your garden. If you are a fan of yellow color for the yellow color family when definitely marigold is the best flower for you. Very simple to grow marigold flowers all you need to do is sow a few marigold seeds and cover them with soil. Now you need to water the seeds and make sure the soil is moist. Suppose if you were to send flowers to your friends and family members, then why not send them marigold flowers along with cake and flower delivery in Bangalore. For a better combination, the cake could be shaped like a marigold and this could be your way of telling your family, how exactly are you using your free time.

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