Water Main Replacement In Bloomfield

6 Signs You Have a Water Main Line Problem


Water main lines deliver water to your home from the city’s water supply. It usually runs underground, generally beneath your yard, and serves the important function of delivering water that you use every day.

This very important plumbing component can however develop problems with time. Water main leaks are not uncommon and once that happens, it will affect the water in your entire home. Luckily, some warning signs indicate your water main line has a problem and you should take immediate action to prevent more serious damage from occurring.

Here, we have mentioned these warning signs for your convenience. If you find one or more of these signs, perhaps it’s time you get professional help for water main replacement in Bloomfield.

Water Bill Rises Suddenly

Has your water bill been abnormally high but your daily life hasn’t changed much? It could be that your water main has developed a leak somewhere. Particularly, if the rest of your home plumbing system has no leaks anywhere, it might be that the water main is leaking. That excess water wasted will cause the water bill to steep and is an indicator of water mainline damage.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in one of your fixtures probably indicates issues with the fixture itself. But when there’s low water pressure in all the fixtures, it’s a sign that your water main has a leak somewhere. The main supplies water to your entire home and a leak in it will mean less pressure in the main which in turn means less water pressure in your entire home.

Discolored Water

A leak means there’s some type of rupture in the pipe. Thus, sediments can flow into the pipe through those ruptures, and water flowing through it will carry those sediments ultimately resulting in discolored water. So, if you find that suddenly the color of your home water has changed, it’s a clear indicator there’s a leak somewhere in the water main. Depending on where your water main is located, it can even be dangerous. Hazardous chemicals can leech into your water supply and can cause health hazards.

Wet Spots in Your Yard

Water mains usually runs through your yard and so, if there’s a leak in it, water will start spilling out into your yard. This will result in wet spots in your yard. Some of these spots can even develop into sinkholes creating hazards in your yard.


If you are getting a sudden infestation of pests in your home, it might have something to do with the water main. Pests thrive best in humid areas and a water main leak causes that. So, a sudden infestation of pests can mean there’s a leak somewhere that’s causing that moisture.

A pest infestation is not a surefire sign though. However, when you notice the other signs given here as well, there’s a high chance that your water main line has developed a leak.

Crack in Your Foundation

This is the worst type of damage that could happen as a consequence of the water main line leak. When the leak is near your house, the soil surrounding your foundation gets wet and causes the foundation to shift and ultimately develop cracks.

As you can see, water main line leaks can have diverse and significant problems. A leak in the water main can cost you a lot both in terms of money and health. If and when you find the signs mentioned here, you can be almost certain that your water main line has developed a leak. Water main replacement in Bloomfield is not uncommon and you should always be alert for the signs mentioned and once you find them, you should connect with a reliable professional immediately.