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Go on a shopping spree at these top markets in Shanghai!


A trip to Shanghai feels incomplete without indulging in shopping! It is true that the luxurious malls and grand shopping centers are equipped to cater to your every shopping need, and the many recreational facilities within the malls like theatres, restaurants, kids’ zones, etc., offer much more than shopping. But the bustling markets are the spots that introduce to you the authentic shopping culture of a place! Moreover, the best thing about local markets is that you’ll be able to grab the first-class merchandise at the best possible price if you know where to look for! So, here we are to guide you with the markets in Shanghai so that you enjoy a great shopping experience! Look no further than for the year-round best deals on flights to China!

Yuyuan Market:

Yuyuan Bazaar/ Market is one of the very popular markets in Shanghai, both among local and foreign tourists. Also known as the City God Temple Market, it is situated next to the Yu Garden in the heart of the Old Shanghai. This is the best place to shop for traditional Chinese items from antiques, silk fans, mirrors, tea sets, calligraphy items, shell carvings, wooden gifts, to paintings by folk artists and other Chinese arts and crafts. The ancient Chinese buildings turned commercial stores, beautifully decorated pathways, and restaurants serving local delicacies give you the impression that you are shopping at the age-old markets of China!

Address: 218 Anren Street, Huangpu District.

Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market:

Are you fashion obsessed? Do you prefer custom-made clothing? Then, the most famous market in Shanghai for purchasing bespoke garments is the Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market, a multi-story shopping complex featuring a labyrinth of stalls lined with coats, shirts, suits, dresses, and fabrics. Here, you can get high-quality fabric of every type (say, cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, chiffon, denim, linen, etc.) at the most affordable price! Also, you can avail of the services of Shanghai’s top professional tailors who will stitch the outfit that suits your fashion preferences within a week! You can also find clothing accessories such as ties, cufflinks, belts, etc.

Address: 399 Lujiabang Road, near Nancang Jie, Huangpu District.

Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market:

Situated west of downtown Shanghai, Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market deals in pearls (both freshwater and seawater), semi-precious stones, coral crystals of all shapes, colors, and sizes. You can also ask for customized pearl strings and jewelry, but remember to haggle hard for fair deals. Although famous for pearls, the first floor of this indoor shopping market in Shanghai sells an array of items such as bags, scarves, shirts, handicrafts, ceramics, golf products, antiques, and other commodities.

Address: 3721 Hongmei Road, Minhang District.

M50 Art District:

M50 Art District or 50 Moganshan Road, simply known as M50, refers to the place where many emerging artists in China live and exhibit their artwork. With over 150 art galleries and studios, this creative district (which was formerly an industrial area) has become a hub of Shanghai’s contemporary art. If you admire art greatly, then this is a must-visit place for you! You’ll get to interact with artists, view their works, and buy the piece that you like — we are sure the unique and original pieces of artwork such as paintings, sculptures, Art Deco furniture, pottery, and other experimental works are the best souvenirs any art lover wishes to take back home!

Address: 50 Moganshan Road, Putuo Qu.

Tianshan Tea Market:

Every province in China has its different version of tea and almost all the varieties, including white tea, dark tea, scented tea, flower tea, non-fermented tea, reprocessed tea, pressed tea, etc., are available here at Tianshan Tea Market in Shanghai. It is a large three-story building that is entirely dedicated to the tea trade. Visitors are even allowed to smell and taste different types of tea before they decide to buy. You’ll also find unique art and curio shops on the third floor, whereas the first two floors are completely occupied by tea vendors.

Address: 518 Zhongshan West Road, Tian Shan, Changning District.

Meta Description: Shanghai, the largest city in China, offers the grandest shopping experience and hence is referred to as a shopping paradise. Go on a shopping spree at these top markets in Shanghai!

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