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Things to Know About Tactical Pen


One of the most widely used items on a regular basis is a pen. There are a variety of additional functions that can be used in pens other than writing with them. Some of these multi-functional pens can also be referred to as “tactical strike pens.” The advantages of these multifunctional forms are all that the secret service and the special force use large-scale tactical self-defense pens. In fact, tactical pens are a self-defense weapon that can be also used as an assault. Over the last few years, tactical pens have made headlines via the Internet. A tactical pen is a writing device with realistic combat-oriented features. It’s a piece of daily carrying equipment that might very well save your life one day, or at least give you the means so that you could get your ideas or notes down.

Everything about the Tactical Pen


In the late 1960s, a man named Soke Takayuki Kubota designed a simple keychain weapon called Kubotan. In conjunction with some very basic locks and pressure, Kubotan is extremely powerful. Kubota and are hugely helpful for a few reasons. One of them is they are easy to hide by slipping into small pockets with ease. When they use Kubotan correctly, they hurt so badly.   And it is relatively easy to learn techniques. Even basic, mundane objects can be shockingly effective means of self-defense. Anything may be a deadly weapon, no one would argue that certain artifacts do better than others.

Tactical Pen

Reason for carrying a TACTICAL PEN

Being fully armed and able to protect yourself at all times is not an easy job. Indeed, most people are more disarmed than armed in our modern society. It doesn’t mean that you’re to be an army to defend yourself using self-defense weapons. Getting a self-defense pen is always a pleasant asset.


The principal use of a tactical pen is easy.

It’s a self-defense and writing tool. There are also more

Cracking of Glass

The tip of a tactical pen is perfect to crack glass slips. Just hold the pen tightly and swing your arm like a pendulum from your elbow. Slamming the pointed tip of the metal within the corner of the panel. The glass can be broken with ease.

Collection of DNA

These smart little self-defense devices come with a built-in computer to track an attacker with the power of science. Some self-defense pens also have a crown cap that is perfect for scraping, jabbing, slashing, and stabbing. A laboratory will analyze the blood or flesh left behind.

The most useful features of tactical pens

People are going to miss them and you can take them almost anywhere.

They are perfect for attacking the pressure points of others, and for bending the bones uncomfortably.

ABP Tactical

A good example of a tactical pen is ABP Tactical Pen. ABP Tactical is a United States-based tactical equipment corporation. They are exclusive suppliers of tactical equipment, from tactical pens to tactical shovels, which would normally publicly accessible. ABP Tactical Pen can be transported safely in almost every case.In reality, the pens were originally intended to be used by undercover officers in the field.  Pens are also amazing writing utensils that can be written in various weather conditions. A ready person is prepared for any situation. ABP Tactical utilizes the latest designs to ensure that any purchase is completely compatible with tactical pens.


Stuff you should do

Take One or More
Tactical Self Defense Pen1
Tactical Self Defense Pen1

It is the sort of security backup tool you can keep hidden in several places to keep you safe all the time. At all times, you should bring only one tactical pen with you. Or you might get one for your office, one for the protection of your house.

Practice frequently

If you want to be successful at them, you must put some time into practicing. Learning and practicing basic tactical pen will take a long time to be prepared to defend yourself.

Stuff you shouldn’t do

Take this as your main weapon

No one ever walked into war ready with a jubilee of tactical pens. They’re never the primary weapon, but they’re the ideal last resort weapon.

Get Too Attached To It

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tactical pen, anything that hides or masks a weapon, it’s a subject for seizure. Be careful where you put your self-defense pen, after all, it’s a tool. Though it’s a pen, it doesn’t look quite like the normal style, and if you’d be caught trying to sneak in, it could have serious implications.

Wait for the pen To Write Flawlessly

Using a normal pen is better than nothing. Standard styles have little strength or durability to function as those produced by companies.

How do I make effective use of Tactical Pen?

There are no following procedures to use a self-defense pen. Find new ways to use your tactical pens all day and feel free to be innovative.

Imagine yourself in a number of self-defense scenarios, or how you can secretly retrieve your tactical pen. A creative survivor is a survivor who survives. Thinking outside the box is absolutely vital, and tactical pens will help you develop your brain to think like that.

Is it illegal to use Tactical Pen?

It’s not illegal, but it’s still an instrument. Pay attention to yourself as you hold your pen. Carrying one to a place like an airport might lead to arrest and get you charged with conspiring to commit a crime. So don’t use it as a toy, and don’t misuse its strength.

Why are tactical pens a non-lethal weapon?

It’s not supposed to attack. It would take a lot of time to kill somebody with a tactical pen. It won’t happen by mistake.

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