Things People Like Doing On Diwali

Things People like doing on Diwali


Diwali is a festival when people celebrate the happiness that people of Ayodhya had when Shri Rama returned home or that fifty-two kings had when they got relieved from the Quila Gwalior by Shri guru Hargobind sahib as all this happened on the day itself. Therefore, it is the festival of happiness and people like to do things which make them feel happy.

Showing off their things

What is the point of doing decorations if no one is going to look at them? What is the point of dressing up if no one is going to praise you and give you attention? People do cleaning and beautification of their houses and places for showing these to the guests and visitors in their houses. They do decorations with the help of different kinds of lights, candles, and lamps. They also do the decorative wrappings of the gift items of Diwali. Women feel thrilled to dress up because they like to get attention and compliments from others.

They like to show off their new pair of heels and traditional attire. They do makeup and wear jewelry so that they look pretty in pictures that are going to be clicked at Diwali parties. People would have missed these things in lockdown but now when everything has opened, they can call their friends and relatives to come over and they should do this only by taking proper precautions. They can party as well but should wear masks as these can stop spreading any kind of disease. This can be possible as the person who is going to spread his or her germs by sneezing and coughing can not spread them as would remain in the mask.

Eating their favorite food

No one wants to miss the opportunity of eating his or her favorite food and they get these opportunities on special occasions. Mainly sweets are consumed by the people at festivals and they eat them without being worried about their health with an excuse for these festivals. They exchange Diwali sweets online because they believe that it is lucky to eat sweets at the beginning of any special event. There is nothing wrong with eating some amount of sweets unless they are not doing any kind of physical activity.

One can do everything he or she wants if doing regular work out. It is difficult to control oneself to avoid eating things one likes. If someone tries to control their cravings for their favorite food items and stops eating them, it can make them feel frustrated. Anger and stress can also cause bad effects on a person’s health, hence he or she eats whatever likes.

Visiting different places

People who wanderlust like to fulfill their desires of traveling to different places even on Diwali. Most people visit religious places on Diwali but they should understand that they should not be the cause of crowds in these places and as already mentioned they should wear masks to protect themselves or others from spreading any kind of disease. Religious places often get overcrowded because many people pay obeisance to these places on Diwali but instead of visiting these overcrowded places, they can visit any other religious place. Moreover, they should try to maintain as much social distance as they can. On Diwali, various concerts are also held by singers and people pay a visit to these kinds of concerts as well, particularly those who are die-hard fans of these singers. In these concerts, the public can get mad sometimes, especially the young generation, and can push each other, which can cause injuries. There should be a proper place for a large crowd so that they can sit in such a way that they cannot push each other.

Buying new things

Some people do shopping to relieve their stress, particularly affluent people. It should be definitely considered as a stress buster as it gives a kind of pleasure to the people when they finally get the chance to buy their favorite things which they long wanted to buy. They do hard work only to buy their favorite things and the desire of getting these things gives them a kind of motivation. For example, someone who is having a dream to buy a new car would keep him or her motivated to do more work. People buy items of furniture, jewelry, etc on Diwali. They also purchase things for giving them as gifts to others.

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