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The Flying Car has been Launched – GWB

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HOLAND: A unique car (PAL-V) capable of flying in the air while running on the ground was registered.

According to foreign media reports, the car has three wheels that fly in the air as well as on the ground, and this unique car will go on sale next year. The car, made in the Netherlands, is priced at $599k and the driver will need a pilot’s license in addition to a normal license to fly the car.

The car manufacturer has so far received 80 orders for the car and a large number of people are interested in buying the car. The car has a seating capacity of 2 people while the car has 4 cylinder engines. The three-wheeled car will be ready to fly in 10 minutes. The car weighs 1,500 pounds and will require a 540-foot runway to fly and a 100-foot runway for landing. 

The handle of the car is made in the style of a motorbike while the folds attached to it are folded. “After many years of hard work, we have succeeded in making this car,” said the CEO of the car manufacturer.

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