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If you’re a fan of Mario games and own a Nintendo Switch, you’re in for a treat! With its diverse library of games, the Nintendo Switch offers a plethora of Mario adventures to choose from. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the best Mario games for Nintendo Switch, highlighting their unique features and gameplay experiences. So, grab your Joy-Cons and let’s jump into the world of Mario!

Super Mario Bros. 2: A Classic Reinvented for the Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. 2 is a beloved classic that has been reinvented for the Nintendo Switch, offering new levels, improved graphics, and enhanced gameplay. In this game, players can choose from four iconic characters – Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach – each with their own unique abilities.

The game features a variety of worlds to explore, filled with challenging enemies, hidden secrets, and power-ups. Players can team up with friends in local or online multiplayer mode to tackle the levels together, adding a fun and competitive element to the gameplay.

With its charming graphics, catchy music, and nostalgic gameplay, Super Mario Bros. 2 for Nintendo Switch is a must-play for fans of the franchise. Its innovative reinvention on the Switch platform provides a fresh and exciting experience that is sure to captivate both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

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Super Mario Odyssey: An Epic Adventure Across the Kingdoms

Super Mario Odyssey is a critically acclaimed 3D platformer that takes Mario on an epic adventure across various kingdoms in search of Princess Peach and his nemesis, Bowser. With its breathtaking graphics, catchy soundtrack, and innovative gameplay mechanics, Super Mario Odyssey has earned its place as one of the best Mario games for Nintendo Switch.

In this game, players control Mario as he navigates through a variety of open-world environments, each with its own unique theme and challenges. Mario can use his iconic hat, Cappy, to possess and control various objects and enemies, adding a new layer of strategy to the gameplay.

The game also introduces a new gameplay element called “Power Moons,” which players must collect to power Mario’s ship, the Odyssey, and progress through the game. The open-ended nature of Super Mario Odyssey allows players to explore each kingdom at their own pace, uncovering hidden secrets, solving puzzles, and engaging in thrilling boss battles along the way.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Racing Fun for the Whole Family

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a fast-paced racing game that offers endless fun for players of all ages. With its vibrant graphics, catchy music, and exhilarating gameplay, it’s no wonder that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is considered one of the best racing games on Nintendo Switch.

In this game, players can choose from a diverse cast of Mario characters and race against each other on colorful tracks filled with obstacles, power-ups, and shortcuts. The game features various game modes, including single-player races, multiplayer races, and battle modes, providing endless hours of entertainment for both solo players and groups.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also introduces new characters, tracks, and vehicles compared to the original Mario Kart 8 game on Wii U, making it a must-play for fans of the franchise. The game supports local and online multiplayer, allowing players to compete against friends or players from around the world, adding a competitive element to the fun and engaging gameplay.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: A Unique Blend of Strategy and Adventure

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a unique game that combines the iconic characters from the Mario franchise with the mischievous Rabbids in a turn-based strategy adventure. This game offers a refreshing twist on the traditional Mario gameplay, making it a standout title for Nintendo Switch.

In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, players control a team of characters, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and their Rabbids counterparts, as they navigate through challenging levels filled with strategic battles. Players must strategically position their characters, use cover, and make use of unique abilities to defeat enemies and complete objectives.

The game features a captivating story, humorous dialogue, and visually stunning graphics that bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life in a whole new way. With its challenging gameplay, strategic depth, and captivating world, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle offers a fresh and exciting experience for fans of both Mario and strategy games.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: A Dynamic Duo of Platforming Fun

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a dynamic duo of platforming fun that combines the beloved Super Mario 3D World game from the Wii U with an all-new adventure, Bowser’s Fury. This game offers a thrilling mix of classic and new gameplay elements, making it a must-play for Nintendo Switch owners.

In Super Mario 3D World, players can choose from Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad as they embark on a quest to save the Sprixie Kingdom from Bowser’s clutches. The game features a unique blend of 3D and 2D platforming, with colorful levels, challenging puzzles, and a variety of power-ups that add depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Bowser’s Fury, on the other hand, offers a completely different experience, with an open-world environment and a new story involving a giant, rampaging Bowser. Players must team up with Bowser Jr. to collect Cat Shines, defeat Bowser, and save the kingdom from destruction.

With its polished gameplay, stunning visuals, and a perfect blend of classic and new elements, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury offers an unforgettable gaming experience for Mario fans of all ages.


In conclusion, Nintendo Switch offers a treasure trove of amazing Mario games that cater to different playstyles and preferences. From classic reinventions like Super Mario Bros. 2 to innovative adventures like Super Mario Odyssey, and unique gameplay experiences like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re a long-time Mario fan or new to the franchise, these games offer hours of entertainment, with their captivating stories, charming graphics, catchy music, and engaging gameplay. So, fire up your Nintendo Switch, grab your controller, and embark on an unforgettable journey with Mario and his friends!


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