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Slow Internet Speed? What To Do?


There is one common thing at which everyone will easily agree and that is nothing that a slow internet sucks.

We, humans, spend a lot of time over the internet. You can get a pretty good idea by the survey report from CNN in 2016 that an average American citizen spent no less than 10 hours a day informed of the screen either it is on laptop or mobile. That’s just a survey of 2016, now we are in 2020 and soon will go in 2021 then think thoroughly how much over daily usage of the internet has increased over the years?

Regardless of your class of internet users, i.e you are a gamer, an entrepreneur, an individual shopping online, or just a common man who is just browsing the internet for their own usage, a slow internet connection will definitely lead to a bad user experience and wastage of time, not to mention the frustration you will face.

In this article, I am going to discuss the causes of slow internet speed and what tactics you should opt for in order to comply with high-speed internet? Let’s get started.

Why Is My Internet Speed Slow?

During your usage over the internet if you face any lag or interface while uploading a document or downloading content. Then there can be a lot of factors which may influence the performance of your internet speed. Have a look.

Internet Service

The type of your internet service directly influences how fast you can access the content over the internet. For example, if you are using a dial-up then you would not have the chance of accessing the same downloading speed that you can get with broadband internet.

In general, if you want a fast internet service then you should consider opting for a better plan or switch to a fiber-optic plan for your internet.

However, with google broadband, you can have the chance of getting the fastest internet service but the problem is it is limited to some areas. So if it is available go for it. Otherwise switch to better tv internet deals from your internet service provider.

Internet Traffic

Internet traffic is a major part of accessing the required internet. Let’s suppose on your internet network people are demanding the large size files or doing a live stream or ever doing gaming or your network has a large number of users then the chances are pretty much high that you will face the latency on your internet connection.

The solution to this can be different in different scenarios, like if your internet connection had a number of users then you should consider upgrading your internet package or if your connection doesn’t have a number of users then you should consider not to use the internet in peak hours.

Router Location

This one is a pretty common disadvantage that we mostly ignore. Our distance from our router makes it even more complicated for us to have the best internet service. You can figure it out for yourself. Like distance, yourself from the router and do a quick speed test and then go near the wifi router and do a speed internet. You will definitely see a great difference between both tests.

Your Device

Most of the time the issue also is in your device. Like if your device is too outdated or has a small processor or your laptop has low memory or procession RAM you will definitely experience latency in your internet connection due to your device. Also, the device may be affected by the malware who knows. So you must know about the specifications of your device.

How to Fix The Slow Internet Connection?

Well, there are different ways in different scenarios to fix your slow internet. Let’s have also had a look at them.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

This is the main thing which you should take into consideration if you want to get rid of the slow internet in your dire time. Or you should consider switching to a better internet plan from your current internet provider. Well, it all depends on you.
Like if you are a regular internet package and experience a good speed internet but due to the high number of users now you are experiencing a slow internet then you should consider switching to the best tv internet bundles from your ISPs.

Or if the situation is way around, you are experiencing slow internet on a daily basis then maybe it is high time to switch for the best internet service provider.

Switch Your Internet Activity To a Different Time

This could be a good tactic if you neither want to switch your internet service provider nor upgrade your internet package. Switching your internet activities to a non-peak time could help you in using the high-speed internet without any interference.

Reduce Usage Of Extensions

If most of your internet activities took place on a laptop and you do have to install a big chunk of extension that you don’t use then you should consider losing the extensions for your own good.

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How To Look For High-Speed Internet Deals In The US?

Well, to perform such a task you will have to go to the search engine and enter your query in order to have the best internet deal but instead, you get a big chunk of data which may take a time to cover the task for you and still you don’t get the desired result.

Well if someone does all the tasks for you like searching and comparing the high-speed internet deals in your area? Yes, that can be done with the help of the Tele Internet Deals.

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Slow internet had a great impact on slowing down our life over the internet. If you are facing a slow internet then there can be a few problems like your internet package, internet connection traffic, your router location, and your own device. You can fix the issue by switching your internet package or service provider or removing the unused thing in your device. In the end-use the assistant of Tele Internet Deals in order to locate the high-speed internet deals in your area.

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