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Seven easy steps to boost a post on Facebook


You already know that Facebook included a social media business. Here are the seven steps that you should follow when boosting posts on Facebook.

Step 1: Make a custom audience.

Lots of people avoid this step because they don’t know how to do it. You get better results from your boosted posts on Facebook when you target custom remarketing audiences than cold interest-based audiences.

Facebook can be built based on custom audiences:

  • AudienceList: A list of email, phone numbers, or Facebook user IDs that match Facebook Facebook users. You can upload this subscriber list manually or use the custom audience sync tool.
  • Website attitude: You can put a Facebook pixel tracking code insert on your website that allows you to create custom audiences based on your website’s Facebook user activity. Some may behaviors can be anything from visiting specific pages to visitors within a period (up to 180 days) to time spent on.
  • Application Activity: If you have an application or game, you can create a custom audience based on people’s actions when using your application or game.
  • Offline actions: If you have an offline store or business, you can log and upload to Facebook a list of customers who have taken action in your store.
  • Facebook Engagement: Facebook custom audiences can be based on the people involved with your posts, videos, events, and forms on Facebook and Instagram. Take your time to build custom audiences and the right amount of time for your business inside the Facebook Ad Manager before embarking on the path of increasing posts.

Step 2: Select a post or make a post.

You may have a post that is already boosted well from an engagement standpoint – if so, Facebook will let you know what position you should consider encouraging.

However, if you want to create a new post for instant encouragement, you can do so too. Make sure it is optimized to perform well in front of your custom audience.

Step 3: Select your custom Follower.

In this step in how to boost a post on Facebook is selecting your customers. If you already have a custom follower set up, you’ve correctly created content for your position based on their roles. Hyper-target your audience

Simply select the right custom audience from the drop-down list and proceed.

Step 4: Set your budget.

Then it’s time to set your budget. Dennis U is famous for his dollar one-day strategy.

It means you should set a budget to spend a day and test the initial campaign’s effectiveness. Budget enough time to analyze the results and decide if you want to spend more to reach your custom audience.

Step 5: Select the length of your campaign.

Then it’s time to choose the length of your promotion. To test the initial motivation, Dennis suggested running a campaign for days.

If your metrics are useful and want to continue the same promotion, your deadline should be extended to one month.

Step 6: Preview your post.

Step by step is previewing what your encouraging post will look like.

Do not neglect for a moment to make sure your audience sees the post as it will be seen and see that everything is being displayed as intended. See errors such as selecting the wrong video content or the wrong call-to-action button.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a new home

Step 7: Select your payment method.

Then it’s time to confirm your preferred payment method or add a credit card to your advertising account.


Facebook is one of the most famous social market places in the world. When we are marketing on Facebook, we do follow about this. which means boosting a post on Facebook. It helps to prompt your products.

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