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Retail Display Ideas That You Can Try In Your Store


First impressions matter. Especially in the world of retail. Even if you have the finest of the merchandise at competitive prices, your wrong display may lose some of your potential customers. On the other hand, even if your products are simple, grand, or quirky retail displays may be eye-catching for your potential customers.

To break the normal way of displaying, and try something out-of-the-box, here we have listed a few ideas to increase the customer drive to your store.

You can try to create a theme for your retail store: Depending upon your product, you can try setting up a theme for your store. It should be on par with the surroundings too. For example, if you have a store selling sports merchandise, set up a theme accordingly. Probably some appropriate lighting or sports accessories here and there, or maybe a patch of turf, will glam up your store.

Take your creativity to a new level by creating some artwork with your merchandise itself: Impress people with your level of creativity and let the people talk about it. You do not have to spend money on bespoke artworks, and rather create some with your own merchandise. Especially clothing and bedding can be recreated into various shapes and artworks, very easily.

Interactive glass displays: Many modern stores are up there setting up interactive displays where the customers can scroll through the catalogs and buy the thing that they want to buy. There is nothing technology cannot do. You can also write a few details about the products in the catalog, making it easier for the customers to choose from.

Add-on plants to your retail store: Many stores, nowadays, add different types of decorative or flowering plants as a part of your merchandising store. Artificial or real, plants will always glam up your space. Real plants may be a little difficult to maintain, but artificial trees will act the same for you and just be low-maintenance.

Be creative when it comes to glass display cases: Regardless of the type of retailer you are, you can try to play up with the retail glass display cases or the display counters. You can try to upscale these, and give it a signature touch depending upon your product.

Design at least one “insta-worthy” wall: People, especially the young shoppers, love clicking photos while they shop. If you design a wall, different from the rest, something vibrant, something artistic and “insta-worthy”, some are definitely going to visit you, click photos in front of the wall, click photos and tag you on Instagram.

You can try promoting your merchandise through your staff: If you can apply this trick, it will be helpful for you in both ways. Firstly, you can reinforce the brand identity, secondly, you can convince that your clothes are meant for all, and can be worn/used in all situations. This is the easiest for clothing retailers but also works great for jewelry, shoes, makeup, perfume, and other fashion accessories.

Let your customers try your products: We are accustomed to trying clothes and shoes to check if they fit us. We also swatch makeup to check if they go with our skin tone. We can also buy four or two-wheelers after a test-drive. But what about electronic goods? The customers are never allowed to try them in the stores. Retail store owners, it’s your only chance to beat online shopping. Let the shoppers handhold the products before buying.

Try cross-merchandising: Have you ever tried cross-merchandising? While you set up a mannequin, do not put up only one dress, rather complete the whole look, including accessories. With this, customers will get an idea of what to pair with that dress and whatnot.

Arrange for a kids’ section: Apart from kids having to buy things for themselves, they can become nagging and stressed when the parents are shopping for themselves. But how can you ensure that your customers can shop peacefully even after bringing their kids to the store? Set up a kids’ corner, keep some books to read or for activities, and some games for them. Give mommies a much-needed opportunity to shop knowing that their kids are safe and calm.

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