Repair Or Change The Tire After A Puncture

Repair or Change the Tire after a Puncture?


When your tire is flat, you have the option of replacing it with a new one or having it repaired. However, it is often necessary to change both tires even before they are punctured. Furthermore, punctured tires are not always repairable. In this case, it is better to replace them.

Possible causes of a puncture

A flat tire often happens when a pointed or sharp object has managed to pierce the wall of the tire. It is also possible that due to tire wear, the rubber ends up cracking under the weight of the vehicle.

The premature wear of a tire can also be caused by the non-parallelism of the wheels. Therefore, in a state of weathering, a strong enough shock may be sufficient to crack the tire. Likewise, you should also know that the chances of an under-inflated tire bursting are very high. Also, when there is not enough pressure, the tire has a harder time supporting the weight of the vehicle. Its internal structure is put to the test and it eventually bursts.

During a puncture, an explosion noise will be heard then the vehicle becomes unstable. If not, you will still feel a change in the behavior of the car. Otherwise, if the tires do not appear to have burst, using the pressure sensor, it is possible to check the tire pressurization level. When there is a huge gap between their pressurizations, it means there is a leak.

What to do in the event of a flat tire

When you have a flat tire, the most important thing is to stay calm and steer your car to the roadside. You then have the choice between hiring a mechanic to help you out or doing the repair yourself. If you have a repair kit or a puncture spray, you can use it to temporarily seal your tire. You should know that this solution will not last and you will have to go to a garage to have the tire repaired or replaced.

Moreover, by choosing to use a puncture-proof spray, you will be forced to limit your driving speed. If this has not been sufficient, in the event that the crack is too large, a spare wheel and a hydraulic jack must be used to raise the vehicle and replace the tires. If you are using a space saver wheel or another wheel with different configurations then you will need to replace it with a new one when you get to the garage.

In some cases, if one of the front wheels has failed, it is imperative to replace the other wheel as well. This is to ensure better handling. For a flat tire, you will therefore have to replace your two tires. To avoid reaching this end, it is better to check whether the flat tire is repairable.

In the event that you are using a runflat tire, you will not have to stop to replace the wheel. The sidewall of runflat tires is harder than normal ones. As a result, you will be able to drive the car even if you have a puncture. It is nevertheless advisable to drive slowly in these conditions.

The tires will then need to be repaired or replaced. Note, however, that a run-flat tire can only replace a conventional tire under two conditions. You will be required to carry an anti-puncture kit and a spare wheel with you.

You will also need to be careful if your car has been configured to use a runflat tire, as there will be a risk of imbalance. On the other hand, it is not possible to replace a classic tire with a run-flat. In fact, a run-flat tire should only be fitted on a rim of the same type.

When should I say that the tire is repairable?

Sometimes it is possible to repair the tire so that you do not have to buy a new one. However, there are limits to what can be fixed. Only the mechanic will be able to diagnose your tire and will be able to answer you whether or not he can repair it.

In the event that the puncture is due to a crack in the sidewall, then the repair will only be possible in certain cases. The mechanic should check the depth and extent of tire wear as a result.

A hole in the tread can only be repaired if it does not exceed 6 mm. The professional will also have to check the state of wear of the inside of the tire. Also, if you have used a spray can and the plugging is older than 24 hours, then the mechanic will not be able to make a diagnosis.

Indeed, it is necessary to clean the inside of the tire before checking for the presence of folds. However, cleaning the blockage will be impossible. If the mechanic considers that it is impossible to repair your tire, you will be obliged to replace it and buy two new wheels to be placed in pairs.

How to repair a tire?

A tire can be repaired up to two times before it is permanently replaced. The repair can be done either from the inside of the tire or from the outside. The operation is safer when carried out from the inside in this case because it allows having a diagnosis of the internal condition of the tires.

The process consists of widening the notch on the tire so that a rubber wick can be inserted therein. Everything will then be closed by sticking a patch. The principle is similar to that of anti-puncture bombs, but it is safer.

Once the operation is complete, checks must be carried out to ensure that the tire has been perfectly repaired. If the puncture has caused damage to other parts of the tire, those areas will also need to be repaired.

It is also necessary to ensure that the sealing carried out is perfectly watertight. The hollow left by the object having punctured the tire must therefore be completely filled. Sealing a tire from the outside can sometimes be unnecessary if the inside is damaged.

Therefore, even if the repair is done from the outside, it will still be necessary to disassemble the tire and check the interior.

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