PS5 Pro: All You Need To Know About This Next-Generation Console


Sony is going to add a new beast the ‘PS5 Pro’ to the Next-Generation consoles, there are a lot of rumors circulating about the PS5 Pro including price, technology, release date, and specs.

People are talking about the new gaming beast console called ‘PS5 Pro’, this article is going to answer all about the PS5 Pro, so keep on reading.

Sony is working on the development of the new gaming console and there is a debate talking about what its price will be? When will it hit the market? What will be its specifications? And how it is different from PS4 Pro?

What are the Leaks about PS5 Pro?

Moore’s law is Dead, one of the most famous leakers talks about PS5 pro leaving people in chaos, according to him Sony is working on an 8K gaming console.

8K gaming console means 8K gaming output for the gamers, it is the highest resolution with approximately 8,000 pixels, according to him, it is a successor to the 4K resolution.

What will be the Specifications for PS5 Pro?

Sony is working on PS5 Pro as the updated version of PS5, which means the upgrading must be in its specifications and technology.

Let’s compare the specifications of PS5 with PS5 Pro.

PS5 Vs. PS5 Pro
  • Talking about the Central Processing Unit (CPU), PS5 comes with 8 core at 3.5 GHz, with AMD Zen 2, on the other hand, PS5 Pro will come with 12 core at 3.5 GHz, with AMD Zen 2.
  • The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) used in the architecture of PS5 is called 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23 GHz with RDNA 2, however, PS5 Pro will come with 14 TFLOPs with AMD RDNA 2.
  • The Memory Interface used in PS5 is 16 GB GDDR6, according to Moore’s law is Dead youtube video about PS5 Pro, he claimed that PS5 Pro will come with an 18 GB GDDR6 Memory Interface.
  • The Memory Bandwidth of PS5 is 448 GB/s, according to PS5 Pro leaks its Memory Bandwidth will be 512 GB/s.
  • The Usable Storage for PS5 is 667.2 GB, on the other hand, as per leaks of PS5 Pro its usable storage will be 1 TB.
  • The Expandable Storage PS5 is in the NVMe SSD slot and according to PS5 Pro leaks its Expandable Storage will also be in the NVMe SSD slot.
  • The Optical Drive used in the architecture of PS5 is a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, however, the Optical Drive for PS5 Pro will also be of 4K UHD Blu-ray.

What will be the price of the PS5 Pro?

Though there is no official statement about the price of the PS5 Pro, according to the leaks and rumors its price will be expected between $600 to $700.

What will be the release date for PS5 Pro? 

It has been seen and observed by the leakers and predictors that PS4 Pro was released after 3 years of PS4, therefore, PS5 Pro will likely be released in 2023 because PS5 was released in 2020.

Some gamers are confused whether they should wait for the PS5 Pro Next-Gen console release or they go buy PS4 Pro, lets explore their differences.

PS4 Pro Vs. PS5 Pro
    • The PS4 Pro provides 4K gaming resolution to play games, whereas, PS5 Pro will going to provide 8K high definition resolution to play games.
  • PS4 Pro console is built using an HDR technology that allows people to enjoy vibrant, bright, and lifelike colors while playing HDR-enabled games, however, the developers of PS5 Pro are using the same HDR technology to manufacture it.
  • PS4 Pro Central Processing Unit (CPU): 8 Core, x86-64 AMD ‘Jaguar’
  • PS5 Pro Central Processing Unit (CPU): 12 Core, AMD Zen 2 with 3.5 GHz
  • PS4 Pro Graphics Processing Unit(GPU): 1.84 TFLOPs, AMD Radeon
  • PS5 Pro Graphics Processing Unit(GPU):14 TFLOPs, AMD RDNA 2
  • PS4 Pro Memory Interface: GDDR5 8GB
  • PS5 Pro Memory Interface: GDDR6 18 GB

These are some of the major differences between PS4 Pro and PS5 Pro, that will help you in making a final decision about your console purchase.

NOTE: All the details mentioned about PS5 Pro is based on rumors and leaks, though there is no official chart released by ‘Sony’ about PS5 Pro price, release date, and specifications.

How will PS5 Pro be different from Xbox Series X?

When we talk about the gaming experience two renowned names come to our minds, ‘Sony’ and ‘Microsoft’, right?

Sony has filed a patent, according to the patent, it is confirmed that the Next-Generation PS5 Pro console will be built using two Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), these two RDNA GPUs will make PS5 Pro 10 times faster than Xbox Series X.

In short, it will be not wrong to say that PS5 Pro will be faster, powerful, and give a smooth game flow than Xbox Series X.

Final Verdict

PS5 Pro is in a hot tub for its features, there are many rumors and leaks regarding its price, release date, and specifications, this article is a whole sum to all those rumors spread in the digital world.

This Next-Gen console will soon hit the gaming market, before making your mind about its purchase consider all the differences and points mentioned above in this article.

Hope you find this guide helpful, stay tuned with us, we are coming with a lot more gaming articles.


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