PPE Kits provide protection against pandemic disease; COVID-19


After the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is very difficult for people to protect themselves from the virus. Because many people are not even facing the symptoms and transferring the virus unintentionally even by handshaking. To avoid this spreading of disease, people need to take precautions very seriously. Because the virus is killing people and there is no cure present to cure the patient of COVID-19. Therefore, the professional disease control groups facilitate the people with the PPE Kits to ensure people are safe by the transmission of the horrible virus.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Global death toll crosses 30,000; Italy accounts for  one-third

COVID-19 is the pandemic disease which comes from animals. It spread in humans due to too much contact with animals. And from there the infected person is spreading the virus by droplets of sneezing and cough in their families and even health care providers. Many doctors who were treating the patients of the virus, died due to the COVID-19. Thus, it is very important for everyone to take the precautionary measures to safe their self from the uncontrollable spreading of disease. It spread in many countries because people won’t take it seriously as they think it is just cold and cough but as you can see the above figure. All the red-spotted countries were already covered with the uncontrolled spreading of disease.

tuzzi on Twitter: "好久沒有關心台灣以外的疫情。有時真的會有「武漢病毒是不是已經失去毒性了」這樣的錯覺。  沒有。全世界目前感染數剛過500萬例(美國150萬)。  比較奇特的是,全世界每日新增人數從4月初開始,一直規律地在每天7萬到10萬之間波動,如此已經一個多月 ...

How the PPE kits can stop the Coronavirus from attacking you?

The scientists are working indefatigably to find the cure of disease but until then everyone should have to get the PPE Kits as it can at least save you from the virus to enter in your body. This kit is consisting of following stuff:

  • Hood cap
  • Face mask
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Coverall suit
  • Shae Leggings
  • Apron

By wearing all the stuff mentioned above, there is no part of body left which can even expose to virus mistakenly. The kit is essential especially for all the doctors and health care professionals who have to interact with many diseased people regularly. Many doctors had test positive due to the coronavirus and the world lose many potential doctors due to the pandemic disease. But by wearing the stuff present in PPE kits, the chances of attacking of virus can drop and you can be safe.

Furthermore, the kit plays a very important role in saving the security guards, peons, and all other people who have to socially interact with other people. It is not essential that the people who are working, only they need to protect themselves but nowadays everyone should have to take the precautions against COVID-19.  There is a famous phrase;

Prevention is better than cure.

But when there is no cure then prevention is the only way to protect you against the horrible disease.

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