Nexair Brings to You Xiaomi Mi TV Box, Mi TV Stick and More


Nexair is always trying to add the best gadgets and accessories to its attractive list of products, because it believes that you deserve better. The Nexair team puts forth only quality products by top notch brands on its store. We want our customers to have the best experience when using our accessories and tech gadgets. Among the very many top brands in our store is Xiaomi which is making waves with its new arrivals. 

Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi manufactures and sells smartphones, accessories, consumer electronics and many other items. Xiaomi has always been a trendsetter in terms of introducing new and innovative products. They are also known for introducing products at breakthrough prices and due to their popular use Nexair brings them to you at the most reasonable prices. 

Recently Xiaomi has been making a lot of effort in promoting its smart connected devices. Xiaomi’s products have gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan and are easily available through online shopping in Pakistan. So you can log on to and check their latest additions. The end of 2020 is around the corner and the blessed Friday sale could be your chance to grab a good deal on Xiaomi products. 

Xiaomi Mi TV Box Overview

The device is an Android TV Box that basically converts a not so smart TV into a media streaming powerhouse. There are not many Android TV devices available in the market especially at the affordable price offered by the Mi TV Box. This smart tv box is capable of streaming 4K videos, provides a remote control with Google Assistant voice control, built-in Chromecast Ultra, most of the well known streaming OTT apps, and stable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box Price & Availability

The Xiaomi Mi TV box price in Pakistan is Rs. 9,999. It is available through our online store and the buying process is simple as well. 

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Xiaomi Mi TV Box

The Xiaomi TV Box has a simple design. It’s just a matt finished black box with an unobtrusive but decent look that can be placed on the TV Console or hidden behind the tv if required. Since the remote works with Bluetooth, the box does not have to be visible for the remote to work. The TV Box has an HDMI 2.0 Port, a USB port for connecting USB hard drives to stream locally available content. It also has a hybrid audio port that can be connected to external speakers.

It has a quite straightforward initial setup and works plug and play out of the box. All that is required is to enter the WiFi credentials. Since 1080p and 4K content take a lot of bandwidth it would be best to ensure the TV Box has a strong WiFi reception. Bluetooth setup and connectivity allows for connecting earphones for a private experience. It can also be used to connect a keyboard or mouse. Once the setup is complete the TV Box is ready to use.

The HD set top box runs on a Quad Core Cortex-A53 2.0Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. It supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band Wireless connectivity. The Mi TV Box provides support for a lot more video formats than most devices with HDR10 being a notable addition. In terms of sound capability, the TV Box supports DTS 2.0 and Dolby Digital Plus.

All of the major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney, and YouTube are available as customized apps which feel like they were designed for a TV and are not just mobile versions running on the television.

To stream content from the phone the built-in Chromecast ultra-feature can be used. The Chromecast ultra provides 4K content streaming as compared to the standard Chromecast which only supports 1080p streaming. The Chromecast doesn’t only provide screen mirroring and the “connect to Chromecast” option from YouTube but also other apps on the smartphones can be used to connect to the TV, freeing your phone for other tasks.

The Mi TV Box comes with a remote with Bluetooth connectivity. It has a matt black finish just like the TV Box with a sleek design. It has a D pad which makes it easy to navigate the menus. It has a built-in microphone which can be used to give Google Assistant voice commands using the dedicated google assistant button. This feature is quite handy as typing on the onscreen keyboard isn’t that easy. You can always connect a Bluetooth keyboard to make typing easier. The remote also has dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for quick access. It is powered by two AA batteries.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick – A cheaper alternative to the Mi TV Box for the budget buyer.

The Mi TV Stick is a cheaper option as compared to the Mi TV Box. The Mi Stick price in Pakistan stands at Rs. 6,399. This device provides 1080p streaming support instead of the 4k support provided by the Mi TV Box. It is a small device that is plugged directly into the HDMI port. It does not have a USB port to connect USB hard drives. The software interface is quite similar to the one provided by the Mi TV Box with all the major video platforms available. 



If you have a capable smart TV then you probably don’t need an Android TV device but for those who have a regular TV or a smart tv with a poor software experience, the Mi TV Box is arguably the best android tv box available in the market right now. With built-in Chromecast ultra, 4K and HDR10 video capability and Bluetooth device connectivity, purchasing it is a no brainer. If you are on an even tighter budget you could choose to buy the Xiaomi tv Stick which still provides a decent upgrade to a regular TV. 

Avail Discounts from the Big Sale

The end of the year brings about a number of deals during the Blessed Friday and Black Friday Sale. The Blessed Friday Sale offers discounts up to 56%. With an already attractive price, these sales could further sweeten the deal for you. Overall, we would definitely recommend the Xiaomi Android TV Box and the Xiaomi TV Stick as the products to add to your home entertainment systems.


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