MySmile introduced its Teeth Whitening Pen


Imagine you are preparing for a very important job interview, wanting everything to go perfectly and staying confident, you smile and rehearse for the last time in the mirror. And that is when your mom comes in to wish you best of luck and points out your yellowing teeth!

In this day and age, no one really has time to spare. People tend to prioritize everything but themselves and if anything related to self-care takes too much time, it’s a big NO. Life is too fast paced to be able to wait for anything. With everything, all information and all processes made so easy, at the touch of a button, it is human nature to expect the same from the cosmetic industry. Leaning in to the dynamic demands of the consumer market, MySmile came up with the best and easy teeth whitening solution on the go!

MySmile Teeth Whitening Pen

Just like the general public’s thought process, MySmile also believes that no procedure nowadays should take a long time, whether it is a reply from a crush, a sneaky food delivery in the middle of the night or any other outcome, we want everything to happen instantly. Which is why, once again, the two best friends Abdullah Dodhy and Dr. Haris Nadeem took a step in the right direction and MySmile introduced its Teeth Whitening Pen, to save you from any last-minute embarrassment, time and effort. It is designed specifically to be very handy and portable, and easy to use anywhere at any time, to fit in your bag, your pocket, and even your mini clutches!

It is very common to have our teeth stained specially if you are an avid tea or coffee drinker, or have the occasional smoke or two. Factors as such do contribute to the yellowing or staining of the teeth and are more usual than one would expect specially if you are unable to resist a hot cup of karak chai! It is a fact that if adequate oral hygiene is not followed, you are more prone to stains and yellowing. Yet, it is nothing to be scared of anymore; nothing to force you to make a dreaded appointment with the dentist for. You are now in charge of your pearly whites, at home. The pen enables DIY whitening, in your office or even while driving!

MySmile Teeth Whitening Pen Contains:

The MySmile teeth whitening pen contains 2ml of the whitening formula, perfect to support up to 3-4 sessions and takes approximately a total of five minutes to work its magic. Keeping in mind the need for quick results anytime and anywhere, the pen is designed specially so that you can carry it with you wherever you go and look your best always. Furthermore, to make the process even more easy for you, it has a brush applicator allowing for speedy, mistake-free application.

The formula used for the pen is both, ADA approved as well as FDA regulated. Thus, there is no reason to be weary! If quick and convenient teeth whitening is your goal then the teeth whitening pen is the best choice for you. Shake it, rotate the bottom and apply. It is as simple as that!

It is important to keep in mind that just as human finger prints differ from person to person, so do teeth. Thus, the results of the pen also vary from person to person. Yet, the MySmile teeth whitening pen has been proven to be beneficial to many, just as a satisfied customer reviewed: “not only did the pen help me get rid of the tea stains, it also gave me a new found confidence!!” This is one of the many instances where the pen proved to be successful. Moreover, the pen not only fixes any minor stains and gives a whiter smile, it also reaches the areas that are typically more difficult to reach. Dr. Haris suggests that the pen should be used as a maintenance solution, after using the kit, to give a long-lasting healthy smile to his customers. This is only said to guarantee a more optimal experience towards better, whiter teeth!

So, what are you waiting for? Order a pen right now, and enjoy the pleasure of a breathtaking smile!

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