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Motorcycle Towing: The Rules to Follow in 2021

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The books and films are packed with gripping scenes of characters taking their motorcycles across the country, racing fast and exhilarating distances. However, certain precautions should be taken when taking a motorcycle tour. Like any machine, a motorcycle can break down or experience a technical failure as you make your way to your destination.

This can lead to you getting stuck on the way with a broken-down vehicle. In this case, you will need the services of a repairman capable of towing your faulty motorcycle to the nearest repair shop. The towing service reputable and experienced you avoid, in such a situation, times of uncertainty and harassment.

What are motorcycle towing trailers?

There are different types of motorcycle towing vehicles. These trailers can be open or closed. Their size can also vary depending on how many motorcycles they are supposed to carry at a time.

Wide trailers can carry two machines side by side, while narrow ones can only accommodate one motorcycle at a time. They are also equipped with tracks to prevent the wheels of the motorcycle from sliding from side to side during the journey. In addition, they also have tie-down points to prevent the motorcycle from tipping or slipping on the surface.

Many trailers also feature ramps that are useful for loading and unloading motorcycles. However, to contact a motorcycle towing service, you must first understand how a motorcycle towing trailer works.

How Does a Motorcycle Tow Trailer Work?

The motorcycle trailer is a relatively simple task when performed by experienced professionals. However, attempting to tow a motorcycle without prior experience can be risky, as these vehicles are quite heavy and can suffer damage if not handled with care.

An experienced towing professional will make sure that the motorcycle is properly secured and not damaged in any way. In addition, the professional will also ensure that the chosen trailer can easily support the weight of the vehicle. These are some of the reasons why you should ideally seek the services of a professional, as they will be able to ensure that everything is in order and that there is no risk of an accident.

For the successful towing of a motorcycle, a flatbed trailer or towing trailer must have sufficient capacity to support the size and weight of the towed vehicle. The details of how a motorcycle towing trailer works depend largely on the type of trailer used.

One of the most important steps is, of course, to properly secure the motorcycle to the bed of the trailer that it can be transported safely to the destination. Usually, nylon tow straps are used to secure the motorcycle. These straps are usually attached to the rear and front suspension forks of the motorcycle.

However, they can also be attached to any solid part of the metal frame of the vehicle. The only thing to do is that the straps are not fixed on the seat or even on the body of the motorcycle, as they could be damaged.

Devices used on motorcycle towing trailers

In addition, various elements and mechanisms such as wheel cradles, motorcycle side members, and wheel chocks are also frequently used to lock the motorcycle in place on a tow trailer.

A motorcycle ramp is basically a long strip of metal wide enough to accommodate the tires on the motorcycle. On the other hand, a wheel cradle is shorter and has a curved shape. It literally serves to “cradle” the front wheels of vehicles so that they do not slip. These devices are often drilled into the towing trailer for ease of use.

Other types of motorcycle trailers include a two-wheel trailer, foldable trailer, and dump bed trailer. The type of trailer used depends entirely on the opinion of the towing company, the nature, size, and shape of the motorcycle to be towed. It also depends on the number of motorcycles that need to be towed at the same time.

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