Developing an ambitious and fruitful business strategy today undeniably goes through a global strategy. First, for a digital policy, which must be conquering and inspiring, in relation to technological developments. On the other hand, with the development of a modern marketing plan that is anchored in the locality to retain a more demanding and versatile clientele. This last point constitutes one of the recurring problems, capable of slowing down business development.

So how do you improve your local marketing strategy? Here we give you three tips to follow to effectively organize the strategy of your network of points of sale. 

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1- Build an innovative business strategy

First tip: it is convenient to regularly animate your point of sale. For this, the most pertinent means is to carefully use the multiple incentives at your disposal, in order to optimize the attractiveness of your store. Among these incentives we can mention:

  • Personalized customer services
  • The welcome coffee
  • The tasting of products
  • The organization of events, etc.

This approach constitutes only the bases, for which it is necessary to resort to creativity and originality. Don’t be afraid to venture down paths that will seem unfamiliar to you and that will prove decisive.

Second tip: the development of your local marketing strategy begins with the organization of your stocks, with the main objective of avoiding waste as much as possible. So say no to unsold stocks! The simplest and most logical advice is to carry out stock clearance campaigns locally and regularly. Adopt your communication to attract more clients. Play with the seasonal aspect of this communication and take advantage of the opportunities that the year offers you with its seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter).

Third tip: from experience, it is essential to propose local events that are marked on the important dates of the calendar etc. There is nothing better to attract traffic throughout the year and build customer loyalty at your point of sale. By being attentive you will be able to know the condition of your market, but above all, identify the good practices and ideas of your competitors to use them intelligently.  

2- Define a strategic marketing plan to avoid suffering locally

First tip: choose a good tool. Adapted, intuitive and ergonomic, it must be quick and effective to use at your points of sale. Likewise, a good reaction from your local teams is necessary, who must have the maturity to do it effectively. For this, you must capitalize on their motivations, accompanying them to avoid mistakes. Train your collaborators in digital communication, with your methods and tools.


Second tip: avoid bad practices. You will say that it is easier said than done, but it is about avoiding mistakes in your management and transmitting certain elements to your team that will build the key to your future success, especially its details. Here is a non-exhaustive list of susceptible errors that can be expensive and should be corrected, if not already done:

  • Send campaigns without having segmented
  • Post inappropriate messages to your goals on social media
  • Eliminate criticism or negative comments from social networks (as much transparency as possible should be privileged, which is generally appreciated by Internet users)
  • Do not specify links in emails
  • Leave customer questions unanswered in your FAQ or elsewhere
  • Don’t personalize messages

Finally, it is not superfluous to specify that in terms of security and customer relations, it is essential that great care is taken with the database (generalizes the opt-in), considering that it constitutes the basis of the evolution in which your success will be built. 

3- Data to the services of the local marketing strategy

First tip: create value-added content for all your points of sale. No one needs to waste time creating their own content themselves. This is a matter of organization: Set up writing, crafting, and replacing content online, on your website, and on social media.

Don’t forget that digital is an opportunity to carry out this type of communication and that it even constitutes a mandatory step in e-commerce: it is now mandatory to define a bricks and clicks strategy, based on the virtual website, social networks, email and SMM solutions. and the real (physical stores or points of sale).

Second tip: analyzing, exploiting and segmenting your data are essential stages. They will allow you to have an accurate statistical report (according to the indicators, or KPIs, that you have previously defined) and a global communication strategy fully adapted to your objectives (bring the right message to the chosen contacts at the best time for them). By measuring and analyzing the results of your marketing and sales operations, you will be able to refine your next campaigns. A good analysis will optimize your profitability and maximize your impact with your goals! Deciphering your past actions and the behaviour of your customers will facilitate the automation of the marketing plan through the use of triggers (triggers).

Conclusion: towards a regularly redesigned communication and marketing strategy

The development of the company only needs to be stimulated and driven by a diversified and sustained marketing strategy. The main lessons to be drawn from our study are simple and easy to apply: avoid bad practices, promote training for your employees, use appropriate and ergonomic tools. It is important to refine your local marketing strategy, based on relevant indicators, both qualitative and quantitative. The effect of this strategy will be multiplied by ten if you manage to intelligently adapt your communication to your objective, in accordance with the competition and drawing your axes for improvement and reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of your territory.

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