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List of blogging sites and crucial tips to write blogs


Writing a blog is very common these days. Anyone can do that as a lot of information resources are available. It’s all about choosing the right topic and trustable data so that you can write it.

Any individual can also write and publish a blog. Or else it’s quite popular for the brands as part of their marketing campaign. Content is really important and to introduce your product and service this would be useful.

If you are willing to write a blog then the important thing you must find out is a suitable blogging site or platform which lets you do that. There are multiple such platforms available, each with different benefits.

Moreover, after selecting the site another important part is to know how to write a blog. Companies don’t want any mistakes in the blog as it’s another way of identity as custom logo design is. So, let’s discuss some of the popular blogging sites that you can use and tips that help to write a perfect blog.

Blogging sites

#1. WordPress

WordPress.org is one of the most popular and widely used platforms across the globe. This open-source and self-hosted site gives you multiple benefits for publishing the blog.

Users will have complete access to the site and the function it has to make the blog custom as per their requirement. That’s the primary reason why people prefer this platform. It has solutions for all kinds of blogs such as business blogs, personal blogs, and much more.

The set up is quite easy so that even the beginners can also do this, all you need to have is this better web, hosting provider. Hence, plenty of themes and plugins of WordPress let you write and publish blogs easily.

#2. Medium

Medium.com is another famous blogging site that gives a lot of benefits to the users. The process is quite simple, you just need to sign up on the platform and start writing a blog.

This platform gets a wide range of user traffic, millions of people read articles every month on Medium. That means if you want to make successful marketing then use it and publish blogs.

#3. Wix

Wix.com is simple and easy to use platform, users can use just drag and drop the feature to organize the site or blog. That means everything can be managed from the front end, no need to understand the back end.

This platform is perfectly suitable for small businesses who need a website along with a blog. Third-party integrations, mobile responsiveness, customization, are the primary benefits this platform brings for the users. Thus, it won’t be a wrong choice to use this platform for writing a blog.

#4. Weebly

Weebly is another widely used platform. Users can use multiple themes along with builder functionality to write blogs.

The key features which this site provides are personalized templates, SEO, drag and drop, and much more. That means it’s a perfect platform for business, individual bloggers, and a lot more.

Tips to write a blog

#1. Understand your audience

One of the basic and foremost things you should know is your audience. Before starting writing, have some research about the readers.

Rather than guessing by yourself, it’s better to have some research from records and surveys. That leads you to the right solution. There are tons of resources that let you be aware of recent scenarios so that you can write accordingly.

The topic you choose, the difficulty of the language you write, is completely dependent on the audience. They must be able to understand it easily. Thus, this is why you must know about your audience to convey the information easily to them.

#2. Catchy headline

Your headline matters a lot while writing a blog. If it’s interesting then only users will be encouraged to read your blog.

Most of the readers will judge your blog by looking at the headline, if it’s compelling then they will surely read it. That means the title is important for the success of a blog.

Moreover, the headline must be short and to the point. From that only users must be able to get the idea about the blog. So, it’s crucial to decide on appealing headlines for the blog.

#3. Must be scannable

Another very important tip that every writer or blogger must know. Your blog must be easy to understand although it’s long.

You must use subheadings, bullet points to arrange the information in such a way that the reader can find it easy to understand. Moreover, make sure you write short sentences and paragraphs so that readers find it interesting to read. A lengthy sentence becomes difficult to understand as well.

This way users can easily scan the whole blog. Sometimes, rather than reading the whole blog user might want to scan it so it must be written likewise.

#4. Try to add images

Images are a vital part of the blog. It makes the article interesting to read. Visual representations are much faster to remember for the human brain. Images make the blog more fun and engaging. There are endless reasons why you must have an image in a blog.

Sometimes, images are an effective way to communicate any information other than words. Any meaningful image can convey very effectively and make it memorable.

Great! Now you had got all the writing tips from our side. Let’s take one more step towards the market, your blog. Create a youtube video can boost your reach to your audience. you also have to think about youtube thumbnail that can increase your click-through rate. Using a youtube thumbnail maker is the most straightforward and professional solution you can choose. PhotADKing is the best option you can choose to create a social media post and ads.

Wrapping up

Undeniably, writing tasks are never easy. You must have first of all language proficiency then how to structure it in a proper way is crucial. Then how the information would encourage the reader is also important. Along with which platform is a better place to post and write your blog is an essential thing to consider. The discussed points clear the thing which site is better and tips to write a blog.


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