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Located in south-central Ontario, Canada, Lake Simcoe is a popular destination for recreation and tourism. As one of the largest lakes in the province, Lake Simcoe offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy. From fishing and water sports to hiking and wildlife viewing, there is something for everyone at Lake Simcoe.

Recreation and Tourism Opportunities at Lake Simcoe:


Lake Simcoe is home to a variety of fish species, including lake trout, rainbow trout, and smallmouth bass. The lake is particularly well-known for its perch fishery, with many anglers coming to the lake in search of these tasty fish.

To go fishing in Lake Simcoe:

Obtain a fishing license from the Ontario government. Hire a fishing guide who knows the lake and its hotspots. Bring appropriate gear, including a fishing rod, bait, and tackle.

Follow all fishing regulations and catch limits.

Water sports:

Lake Simcoe is an excellent place for water sports, including boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The lake’s calm waters make it an ideal location for beginners to try out these activities.

To enjoy water sports on Lake Simcoe:

Rent a boat, kayak, or paddleboard from a local rental shop. Wear a personal flotation device.

Follow all safety guidelines and regulations.


The Lake Simcoe area offers several hiking trails that showcase the lake’s natural beauty. From easy walks to more challenging treks, there are trails for all skill levels.

To go hiking in the Lake Simcoe area:

Choose a trail that matches your skill level and interests. Wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Bring water and snacks.

Follow all trail rules and regulations.

Wildlife Viewing:

Lake Simcoe is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, fish, and mammals. Visitors can observe these animals in their natural habitats by taking a boat tour or walking along the shore.

To view wildlife at Lake Simcoe:

Bring binoculars or a camera to capture the animals up close. Be respectful of the animals and their habitats.

Follow all safety guidelines and regulations.

Ice Fishing:

During the winter months, Lake Simcoe becomes a popular destination for ice fishing. Anglers can catch a variety of fish species through the ice, including perch, whitefish, and lake trout.

To go ice fishing on Lake Simcoe:

Check the ice conditions before venturing onto the lake. Dress warmly and in layers. Use appropriate ice fishing equipment, including an auger, ice fishing rod, bait, and shelter.

Follow all ice fishing regulations and catch limits.

Camping in Lake Simcoe:

Visitors can also camp in the Lake Simcoe area, with several campgrounds and parks offering camping facilities. Camping provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings.

To go camping in the Lake Simcoe area:

Choose a campground or park that suits your needs and preferences.

Reserve a campsite in advance.

Bring appropriate camping gear, including a tent, sleeping bag, and camping stove.

Follow all camping regulations and guidelines.

Cottage Rentals and Accommodations in Lake Simcoe :

Visitors who wish to stay in the area can also rent cottages or other accommodations. Several cottage rental agencies and vacation rental websites offer a variety of options, from cozy cabins to luxurious waterfront properties.

To rent a cottage or accommodation in the Lake Simcoe area:

  • Research and choose a rental agency or website that meets your needs and preferences.
  • Browse available rental properties and select one that suits your budget and preferences.
  • Book your rental in advance.
  • Follow all rental guidelines and regulations.


Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast, a water sports lover, or simply someone who enjoys the great outdoors, Lake Simcoe in Ontario, Canada has something to offer everyone. With its diverse array of recreational and tourism opportunities, natural beauty, and accommodations, Lake Simcoe is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the area.


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