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What should you be known before pregnancy and Child?


Full Baby Guides From Child to Adulthood

The most sensitive period before a baby is pregnancy. People who already are parents know very well that shopping for babies starts long before the baby is born. So it is said that a woman before being a mom always find full Baby Guides from pregnancy to adulthood of the Baby. Let’s talk about trimesters, these are periods divided according to weeks and there are three trimesters in Pregnancy which is given below:

First Trimester

Starts from week 1 to 12

Prenatal Vitamins:- If pregnancy surprises you then you must start taking it from now.

Books:- Books are a great source of knowledge telling you about Newborns and Pregnancy, you must-read if this is your first baby.

Second Trimester

Starts from week 12 to 27

Maternity Belt:- This belt is extremely important, it is an elastic band that supports you during pregnancy. This can help you a lot or rather prevent pregnancy-related back pain.

Comfortable Shoes:- Even if you can walk in high heels but you should use flat shoes which offer great comfort because falling due to high heels and weight may be extremely dangerous for you and your baby.

Third Trimester

Start from week 27 till the Due date

Car Seats:- As soon as you are near your due date you must consider buying a car seat

Baby Movement:- Babies do a lot of movement in the third trimester no need to feel different.

Note:- Continue taking prenatal vitamins.

known before pregnancy child

After the Baby’s Birth

Baby’s Sleep:- Monitor and analyze baby’s sleep for this you will need to buy a baby sleep monitor.

Crib and Mattress:- Choose a crib in which the baby is kept safe all the time.

Bed Mattress:- Toddlers and preschoolers don’t weigh much. So you don’t need a full sprung mattress but instead, you should buy high-quality foam or natural fiber mattress that is at least 10 cm thick and fits perfectly into the bed.

Bedding for Stroller:- Think at least 3 sets, one for use, one that is in the wash, and one for the emergency work.

Bed linen for the Cot:- You should buy at least 3 for being on the safe side and the same applies to this as Bedding for a stroller.

Changing and Bathing:- You should buy a bathing mat for your baby as it is soft to use.

Foldable Tables:- If you don’t have a lot of space then you can buy a foldable table for feeding your baby which is very easy to use.

Pampers and Diapers:- Extremely important for a newborn baby, you should buy them before the baby is born.


Jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and socks are very suitable to use especially when it is cold outside. The clothes should be put on in two layers. Avoid using ties around the neck.

Necessary items

Soap/bubble bath and Shampoo:-This is not that important for a newborn baby but can be fun when the baby gets a little older.

Nail Clippers:- Extremely important this can prevent a great loss for babies having long nails that may harm the baby.

Bath Towels:- It is best to get two bath towels at once, one that you’re using and the other that is in the wash.

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