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Is Banana good for high Blood Pressure?


So, someone suggested you banana is a good for high blood pressure (HBP) problem, or you yourself scrolled down to the information. In short, yes it works. Banana is rich in potassium which is found to manage hypertension (high blood pressure) problems– and also improve overall health a bit.

But the question is, how does it work?

In this post, we will be discussing how the banana is good for high blood pressure condition. And, some of the other health benefits that will make you add it to your diet.

High Blood Pressure H2
High Blood Pressure H2

Let’s get started!

How does banana help with HBP?

It helps in ways; potassium in banana has a process throughout the body which eases blood vessels and reduces blood pressure gradually.

If you wonder how.

One of the main causes of high blood pressure is high sodium and low potassium levels in the body. And since banana is one of the great sources of natural potassium, it helps control sodium to affect blood pressure. Potassium basically flushes out the excess sodium in the body which eventually regulates the blood pressure.

Banana could also reduce the overall effect of sodium in the body, such as bloating, face fat, and other health conditions.

Indeed, one more amazing thing potassium in bananas does is, it can ease tension and contraction in blood vessels to improve blood flow. Ah, irrelevantly but, the same does erectile dysfunction treatment doses such as Sildenafil 150 mg or higher. These medicines also help by relaxing and widening blood arteries for better erectile health. So, the bingo fact here is, bananas could also help with your sexual health.

This is how banana improves hypertension/reduces blood pressure.

Other health benefits of bananas

Well, banana is not only limited to have the quality to improve hypertension, it has several other health benefits that make it a must-have thing in your regular diet plan.

If you are into regular exercising or gymming stuff, you must have heard of banana as a must-have natural protein source. People usually prefer to have a couple of bananas as a post-workout supplement. It improves the protein synthesis production in the body and boosts the muscle recovery process pretty well.

Moreover, one another way it has recently started to be used is, as a natural vasodilator. Potassium in bananas is claimed to ease contracted arteries tension and improve blood circulation, which works as vasodilator medicines like Cialis 60 mg or others. So, it can be good for your overall blood circulation and sexual health for men indeed.

Overall, it can also help reduce swelling, help in weight loss, prevent type-2 diabetes, and strengthen the nervous system.

How to include bananas in your diet?

There are ways you can add bananas effectively to your diet and get the best out of them. Well, if you are into gymming and you have a planned diet, you will definitely love to add bananas as pre-workout or post-workout. But, what if you are not into it?

You can add 2 bananas to your regular diet and follow up with the same throughout time– a male body requires 35g of protein in a day when not doing strict physical activities or exercising, and a woman requires around 25g of protein.

Except for dinner, you can get bananas anytime in breakfast or before lunch; or maybe a smoothie will be a better option. What say? Try on.


Bananas definitely help with high blood pressure or hypertension problem. But, it is not all bananas can do– potassium, natural protein and vitamin B6 in bananas can do wonders for one’s overall health; skin, bones, and muscles of course.

Hope this post helped!

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