Instagram Advertising Features You Must Know

Instagram Advertising Features You Must Know

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Instagram is an advertising platform for businesses

Instagram is more than just a site for sharing photos and videos. An increasing number of companies are using their advertising functions to promote their products. Companies that were among the first to engage in marketing activities on social media have achieved great success and have achieved differentiation from other companies. With Instagram’s advertising capabilities, it has the potential to reach that huge number of users. the features of Instagram advertising that marketers need to know.@ Buy Now: buy 500 likes

Extend conversions with CTA buttons

The CTA (Call to Action) button is effective for companies that want to increase sales and site visits. The ability to place buttons such as “buy” and “install” makes posts stand out and makes it easier for users who see your ad to take buying behavior. For SMEs and venture companies that want to increase sales, the advantage is that the CTA button can be expected to improve the conversion rate.

Specify a target from a corporate account

Marketers with corporate accounts can now promote posts from Instagram’s mobile app. Even if you don’t use Facebook’s ad manager function, you can set it to be displayed at the top of the feed screen or to prompt clicks. This promotion feature allows you to specify the user base for which your ad will be displayed.

Instagram Advertising Features You Must Know

Story advertising that can be expected to have high advertising effectiveness

Instagram story ads are a feature that introduces products in full screen. The advantage is that the user is immersive because the ad is presented in full screen to the user who clicked the ad. Story ads will be effective when you want to raise awareness of a product, such as a company that has announced a new product. With the success of video ads on Instagram, expectations for story ads are also rising.

Instagram ads give companies the power to decide how to display their ads. Analyzing and improving what content has elicited how many users have responded will lead to the success of social media campaigns.@ Buy Now: buy Instagram followers cheap 10k

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