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Identify Bad Apples at Workplace With OgyMogy


Human nature can be categorized as one of the most diversified commodity. There can be many people in a single room who have different opinions, emotions, perceptions, and beliefs. So it is not right to judge and consider all the people belonging to the same religion or race as same. Because we all have different backgrounds and experiences regarding life. So to find out about a single trouble maker from a lot is difficult. Similarly a sane can be anyone regardless of their belief, race, or religion. So humans must be deal with a kind approach i.e with an open mind and unbiasedness. But it is not possible to achieve that kind of unbiasedness as a society make us biased and feed our mind with various manipulative thoughts in one way or another.

So what is the most authentic way to achieve the kind of unbiasedness to recognize the true nature of a human? The answer is simple. Do not try to get it done by yourself instead rely on the modern invention of humans and get them to get it done for you. As a tool, machine or software will never judge you based on your color or appearance or any other experience. Let’s take an example from real life. You got a promotion and transfer to the new regional branch. There you meet your old classmate who used to be a troublemaker in academic days. Now in case of any issue in the office or work life, you might accuse him of the problem without any inquiry or inspection. This is pure human nature as your past experience controlled your present action. But if you are a smart boss and you have the monitoring app installed on the work device you will find out the real culprit quite easily.

An employee monitoring app like The OgyMogy can help you find the bad apple of the workplace. Moreover, you can check and enjoy many other features as well to keep a strict eye on the productivity rate of your employees.

Monitor The Call Recording And Text Messages:

Keep an eye on the official smartphone of the employees and know about their incoming and outgoing call history. You can even listen to any call recording as well to know about the topic of discussion or track any movement of the target.OgyMogy gives access to the text message conversation of the target employee as well. Even if the text messages are deleted from the device, the user can have access to the deleted conversation.

Keep An Eye On The Skype Chat:

Different kinds of instant messaging apps and social media platforms are commonly used nowadays for formal and informal purposes. So check their chat record to know about the employment relationship and track any trouble maker from that. You can track their other social media activities as well with Skype screen recorder,  Hangout Spy App, Line screen recorder, WhatsApp screen recorder, and many more.

Have Eyes and Ears Inside The Office:

Keep an eye on the overall environment of the workplace with OgyMogy. Listen to the surround feature of OgyMogy allows the user to listen to the surrounding voice of the target person. You can track any bully just by listening to the surrounding voices of your employees. You can even see the surrounding of the target employee with the Camera bug feature of OgyMogy.

Track Any Spy Activities Beforehand:

Make sure your confidential data is in safe hand with OgyMogy. The keylogging feature of OgyMogy allows the user to have access to all the keystrokes applies to the device. Thus keep a strict eye on email correspondence, draft, inbox, and sent items as well. OgyMogy keylogging feature makes sure no one shares any kind of confidential information with irrelevant people. In case of any suspicious employee, the OgyMogy employee monitoring feature will warn you beforehand.

OgyMogy offers a bundle package that contains different features. So select the bundle package of your choice and enjoy the desired features. OgyMogy offers Mac and Windows versions of the spy app thus no need to worry about the system. You can even monitor the employee through their official smartphones as well. Check the android spy app version of OgyMogy monitoring software.


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