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WordPress is the most widely used web designing platform. Though it started as a platform for bloggers, it gradually transformed itself into a complete content management system, and today it commands more than 50% share of the CMS market. The reason behind this phenomenal success is the fact that it is open source and offers tremendous flexibility and versatility to its users. More and more people are migrating to WordPress from other platforms. In this article, we will discuss the conversion from HTML to WordPress.

The majority of people who are into online business are making this conversion. It has been happening for quite some time now. It no longer pays to build static websites based on HTML and CSS. Technology changes fast and it is best to embrace the latest technologies to suit the demands of the fast-evolving market.

Benefits of an HTML Website

Though we are here to discuss HTML to WordPress conversion, let’s first talk about the benefits of building an HTML website. As we all know, besides various other factors, the performance of a website is also dependent upon the worth of the hosting service provider. There are still some advantages of an HTML website- it requires very little maintenance and you don’t need to create any backup. Though most website hosts provide MySQL and PHP support HTML website doesn’t require them. It is cost-effective as well because it can run on any standard server.

Why not HTML

There are several reasons why HTML is considered passe, but the main reason is that it can only build static websites whereas the demands of the modern-day business require websites to be dynamic. Building websites with HTML is a cumbersome process as it requires writing codes for every page. Making changes on the website is difficult as it is not easy for a new developer to understand the codes previously used. Security is also an issue. With competition getting tougher by the day, having a static website puts you at a disadvantage. Improving user engagement and reducing the bounce rate is near impossible. Besides, more and more people are using mobile devices to search the net, and therefore, your website needs to be responsive to adapt to different devices and screen sizes, which is not possible with HTML. It is for these reasons that people covert site to WordPress.

Why WordPress

It is by far the most popular web designing platform. Though there are many website building platforms, WordPress commands a huge share of the content management systems market. Besides being a free, open-source platform, there numerous other benefits that WordPress brings to the table. It is equally liked by the website owners and the users.

WordPress has a robust architecture and is not vulnerable to security threats. The flexibility and versatility that it offers are unmatched by any other platform. It is not that other content management systems are not good, they have their own advantages but the benefits offered by WordPress far outnumber them. Building a website on WordPress is a lot easier than building it on any other platform. You don’t have to be a technical expert to build and maintain a website on WordPress.

Though it started as a platform primarily meant for bloggers, it developed into a full-service content management system. The way it has been growing in popularity, it is quite evident that is going to rule the market for a long time to come. Looking at the current trend, we can safely assume that its market share is only going to increase in the future.

What the Future Holds

HTML that once was the primary source of building a website has lost considerable ground because of several limitations it has, the most fundamental being its static nature. In today’s fiercely competitive world where e-commerce and other online businesses are the order of the day, a dynamic website is compulsory. These days HTML is mostly used for building themes and templates which are then converted into WordPress. It is rarely used to build a complete website, and even the existing HTML websites are being converted into WordPress. With thousands of themes and plugins being offered by WordPress, you can customize your website in any which way you want. The plugins can be used to add whatever functionality you want. With no need to do any coding, making changes and modifications on your website is very simple.

WordPress is surely going to be the most sought after CMS in the foreseeable future. We will see more and more people convert their website from HTML to WordPress.

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