How to use Call to Action Tabs Effectively on your Website for better Traffic?

How to use Call to Action Tabs Effectively on your Website for better Traffic?


What is Call to Action Tabs?

Call-to-action (CTA) tabs are the buttons that are used in a website and on landing pages to guide the visitors towards successful goal conversion. It is a part of the landing page of a website which a visitor needs to click in order for it to take the desired action. Call to action tabs can vary in design, style, and size depending on the predefined tasks and website layout. Some of the most common examples of call-to-action tabs are:

  • Add to cart buttons on E-commerce websites
  • Newsletter sign-up buttons
  • Download tabs
  • CTA buttons have a very specific goal which is to get your website visitor clicking and completing a predefined goal conversion.

Today we are going to discuss some of the main checkpoints to keep in mind while designing the call to action tabs and also have included an infographic to help you  understand some of the main strategies which can be used for a call to action functionality.

Content is King – Use engaging and eye-catchy words

Call to action tabs should always have striking and attention-seeking text which can attract the visitor to click it. It should also be useful for the visitor and should be performing an important predefined task in the goal conversion process. There are many websites whose popularity grew because of its informative and creative call to action buttons deployed by their digital marketing company.

Colour of the Tab Matters

Your call to action tab should always have a bright and contrasting color theme which should blend very well with the entire website. Most people kind of overlook this aspect but the color does truly matter, both in attracting the visitors and also in helping them. Typically it has been observed that green and orange colored buttons perform the best Although ultimately it will depend on your website design and style, contrasting colors will enhance the look of your website and make the call to action tabs stand out.

Creative Tab or Button Shapes

The shape of the button or tab also plays an important role when you are attempting to craft the perfect call to action button or tab. You will need to imagine and consider whether you want to go with a more round-shaped tab or a button with square or rectangular edges. It would be impossible to say which shape works better for a website because every website is different in layout and functionality. Ultimately you will have to take out some time and test out different shapes to see which one suits the best for your website.

Bold and Legible Text

Any call to action button text should be bold and large enough so that it can be read easily, but not so huge that it looks abnormal and intimidating. It might sound impractical that large text makes visitors feel uncomfortable and find it irritating, but it has been found that many users do experience a subconscious dislike for extremely large lettering, it makes the website look less trustworthy and professional. The call to action tab text should be large enough to draw the visitor’s attention, but not so large that it completely undermines the rest of the content.

Another important aspect of text font and size is that call to action button texts should be short and not go on forever. You might feel that longer text might convey the entire message but refrain from that because it will surely confuse the visitor. An ideal length for the call to action tab is not more than 4 or 5 words.

Do not get overwhelmed about how to fix everything on your website, any reputed and experienced web development and digital marketing services company will be able to help you with this issue. Moving onto the strategies, go through the below infographic to use the call to action tabs effectively.

Call to Action

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