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How to Use Blonde Toning Shampoo

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We love blonde hair but to take care of the hair colour is a tough task even if your hair colour is naturally blonde. Once you use blonder for hair colouring; the texture of the hair turns brassy and changes into undertone or yellow sometimes, to eliminate these problems we advise you to use a blonde toning shampoo and Fanola hair products. It is necessary to know how to use Fanola hair products.

This will help you maintain the blonde colour and give the care that it needs at home instead of going to the salon and spending too much. It is certain that every product has got its dos and don’ts. When you select Fanola hair products, you must acquaint yourself with the knowledge of how frequently you need to use the Blonde toning shampoo, three times a week is recommended in the beginning. However, it differs from person to person.

Blonde Toning Shampoo aka Purple Shampoo

We recommend choosing a product that is natural and vegan. It is important that you choose fanola hair products if you care for your hair and the hair colour. Since our hair is already chemically treated with bleaching while getting the blonde colour, it is advisable to avoid the usage of more chemicals and maintain the PH level of the hair. We personally recommend fanola hair products as it is 100% vegan, and it has a complete range. Let us get into how to use Blonde toning shampoo aka purple shampoo.

  1. Chelating the hair: I know shampoo is supposed to do the job of washing the hair, but it is important to chelate the hair. This process would help you maintain the PH level of your hair and help the shampoo do its job of maintaining the colour. We can take one lemon and cut it into half. Need to completely wet our hair and then squeeze the first half on the scalp area and the other on the hair ends.
  2. Massage your scalp: Make sure you gently spread the lemon extract all over your scalp as do with the shampoo.
  3. Rinse with warm water: Leave it for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. It is essential to use lukewarm water as it would open the pores and maintain the PH balance of the hair. This is an important step before applying the blonde toning shampoo.
  4. Using the blonde toning shampoo: Take around 2-coin sizes of shampoo quantity and gently apply it on the scalp first, now lather it, and spread it to the end of the hair. Ensuring that we have covered all the parts of the hair.
  5. Minutes of Usage: Leave the shampoo on the hair for about 3-4 mins for it to work its magic on your hair. Purple shampoo is a boon to maintain the blonde in your hair. Do not use more than the suggested amount and finish the shampoo bottle in just a few uses.
  6. Sulphate rich products: Fanola products are the best sulphates, paraben, mineral oil-free, and it’s completely vegan. It just makes love to your hair. While we wait for the shampoo to do its magic we can work on our singing talent and surely the shampoo bottle would appreciate the performance.
  7. Rinse it off: Rinse off the hair with cold water so that it is locked in.
  8. Conditioning: Work here is not done; we need to apply to purple or blonde toning conditions to the end of the hair to give shinier and softer looking hair.

The trick to maintaining shinier and softer looking hair is by using the shampoo and understanding the frequency of usage. If your hair is brassy or it has turned yellow, we recommend you to use it three times a week until the time it retains the blonde colour and then reduces the usage to 2 times a week. We also need to ensure that we do not use it every day unless we would want our hair colour to go back to normal. Colouring the hair is fun, but maintaining it is a task.

Fanola Hair Products

Fanola hair products have a special range for blonde hair. It has shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave-in conditioner, thermo protective cream, etc. It has a complete hair care range just for coloured hair, blonde hair colour or naturally blonde hair. You would no longer have to think or worry about it turning yellow, brassy, and the cost of visiting a salon to maintain it once you start using Fanola hair products. It is highly recommended as the Fanola product is 100% vegan and environmentally friendly.

Final Words

Always be selective about choosing your hair products. You can use Fanola hair products to take care of your needs; however, you need to take care of your hair internally by opting for healthy eating habits. Once you have made the Right Choice, flaunt those blondes, and never worry about it fading away or changing into some other colour.

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