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How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Errors: pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 and pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a

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Microsoft Outlook is a product of Microsoft Office, it has become an essential part of our business and personal lives, want to know how? 

Every scale business needs to send business e-mails to its clients, investors, partners, employees, and others Microsoft Outlook has proved as the most preferred and revered application to send e-mails and messages.

On the other hand, people like us do use Microsoft Outlook for our personal use like students need to send their assignments to their friends or teachers.

Now if you are a veteran user of Microsoft Outlook you may have faced some Outlook errors which are very annoying like pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6, pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a and you can also check for pii_email_3a19ac5cc937023e1594, pii_email_e6685ca0de00abf1e4d5, and pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde.

This article will help you know the reasons behind these errors and also provide you with tricks and hacks to fix these errors without getting in trouble.

Let’s start from pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error.

1. What is pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 Error?

Microsoft Outlook uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to send and receive e-mails to and from people around the globe it is one of the most secured encryption.

When people try to connect to the mail server that does not have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) then pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error shows up.

In the best-case scenario, it is preferable to check all the parameters before connecting to the mail server like port number, authentications, and others.

Reasons behind pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 Error

There are no defined reasons for this error to hit your screens, the more difficult thing is to know the reason that caused the pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error to your system, some of the main reasons are discussed below to help you know.

  • The most common reason behind this error is that you might be using the older version of Microsoft Outlook, there are errors in previous outdated versions that’s why the developers made new versions.
  • Another reason behind the occurrence of the pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) conflict, this conflict occurs between the Microsoft Outlook account, it immediately blocks users from sending e-mails.
  • Another important reason that gives birth to this error can be the incorrect server settings, it will not allow Microsoft Outlook to make a connection with the server because of the wrong configuration settings and you will see the pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error popping up on the screen. 
  • The pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error can also occur if any of the Outlook data files get corrupted in your system.
  • This error can also occur if you are connecting to a mail server without having Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) because Microsoft Outlook uses this encryption to send or receive an e-mail.

But don’t worry, we can fix this error below are some methods that will help you get rid of this error all you have to do is follow them one by one.

Methods to Fix pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 Error
Update your Microsoft Outlook to Latest Version

If you have the pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error because you are using the older version of Microsoft Outlook then you can follow this method to resolve the error. 

Microsoft developers release updates frequently that need to be updated in your systems as well so that you don’t face errors like the pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error.

If you have not updated it yet, do it now, before you go for an update check the current version of Microsoft Outlook in your system match it with the latest version available on the Microsoft Office official website, and follow the steps given below.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your systems or devices.
  2. Select the ‘Files’ option located on the top left corner of Microsoft Outlook.
  3. From the menu select the ‘My Account’ option, from this option select ‘Product Information Menu’.
  4. From this menu go for ‘Update’.

Once you are done with these steps you will see a dialogue box there showing Downloading Microsoft Updates after the updates are completed you can use all the features of Microsoft Outlook to send and receive e-mails.

Best ways to fix: [pii_pn_748d73ad8584c41b3056] Error

Fix Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Conflict

The pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error often occurs due to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) conflict, if this is the reason then you can fix it by following the series of steps given below:

  1. First, open Microsoft Outlook, and from the top left corner select the ‘File’ option.
  2. From the ‘File’ option move to Account Settings.
  3. From the subsequent window select the email tab from this tab select ‘More settings’.
  4. Then, from internet mail settings move to the general tab and mark my outgoing server requires authentication.
  5. At last, press ‘Save’ close the Outlook, and reopen it to check if the error is gone or not.
Configure Port Number and other Parameters

You might have the pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error because of the incorrect server settings and port number you can fix this by configuring them accurately, follow the steps given below for the best result.

  1. Go on Microsoft Outlook and select the ‘File’ button.
  2. From the ‘File’ button select the Account Setting button and from the drop-down menu choose Account Settings.
  3. After that go to the email tab and select an email account for which you want to change the port number.
  4. Hit ‘Change’ and a dialogue will appear saying changes have been done.
  5. From ‘More Settings’ select the ‘Advanced tab’ and move to the Internet Email Settings.
  6. Change the port number in the outgoing server and select Confirm, Ok.
Fix Error through Control Panel 

The pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6 error can also occur if you are having corrupted data files in your system, the error will occur repeatedly and affects the working of Microsoft Outlook.

You can fix this problem through the control panel, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the taskbar and select the Start button.
  2. Open the Control Panel by typing ‘Control panel’ in the search bar.
  3. From the Control Panel select the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
  4. From the previously selected option, you will select Uninstall a Program.
  5. Then select Microsoft Office 365.
  6. Select the Change option with a left-click.

After completing these steps restart your Microsoft Outlook application to ensure if the error has gone or not.

Let’s explore the reasons for the pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error and knows the hacks to resolve this error.

2. What is pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a Error?

The pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error will create a hurdle in your  Microsoft Outlook’s working you might be unable to use all the features of the Outlook application.

This error can be difficult to fix depending on the reasons, let’s discuss some of the common reasons behind this error. 

Reasons for the pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a Error
  • One of the common reasons behind the occurrence of this error is that you might be using the older version for quite some time and have not updated it.
  • Another reason for the pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error can be the incorrect or incomplete installation of the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • This error can also pop up because of the Microsoft Outlook application version, you can fix it by simply moving to the web version instead of the application version.
  • The pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error can also occur due to the large existing cache and cookies of the Outlook application in your system.
  • Another reason can be the corrupt data files in your system, these files will reduce the functioning of Microsoft Outlook and you will receive the pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error.
Methods to Fix pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a Error
Update Microsoft Outlook to its Latest Version

The use of the older version of Microsoft Outlook can be one of the common reasons behind the occurrence of the pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error but the good thing is you can fix it, care to know how? 

Simple update your Microsoft Outlook to its latest version compatible with your Windows operating system from Microsoft official website, once you updated the version, close the application, restart it, and check if it is error-free or not.

Reinstall the Microsoft Outlook Application

If you are facing the pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error it might be possible them you have installed this application incorrectly or its installation is incomplete, you can fix this reason.

Uninstall the application from your computer system and then reinstall it from its official website following the instructions completely this will save your time and you don’t have to follow other methods to fix this error.

Use Web Version of Microsoft Outlook

The use of Microsoft Outlook’s application version can also be the reason why you are receiving this error message on your screens but you can fix this by switching to the web version from the application version of Microsoft Outlook.

You can switch to the web version simply by going to the Light app and hit save, after that log out of the application, and then log in again to check if it’s error-free.

Clear existing Cache and Cookies

The easiest and the simplest way to fix the pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error is to clear all the cache and cookies, this will erase cache and cookies from the Microsoft Outlook application.

In this way, you can fix this email error in no time but keep in mind to restart your computer system, laptop, or whatever device you are using for this purpose, and if the error still shows up then don’t worry you can try another method to fix it.

Try Reboot Process 

Corrupt data files can be a reason why you are having the pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a error repeatedly, however, you can fix it through a reboot process.

All you have to do is, disable your email account and restart your computer system, reboot process will do its magic by fixing the error and get the software to its normal functionality.

The reboot process locks for the non-working corrupted files and then replaces them by downloading new files from the internet server but don’t forget to ensure the high speed of the internet.

Once the reboot process is completed you can restart your computer system and check if the error has gone or is still there.

Contact Microsoft Support Center

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and are still seeing the error don’t get yourself frustrated simply contact the Microsoft Outlook support center, their team will help you resolve your issues they will transfer your problems to the developers, and they will fix your issues.

Wrap up

Microsoft Outlook is the most preferable application to send or receive e-mails, sometimes this application generate some errors like pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6, and pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a.

There are many reasons behind the occurrence of these errors but the good news is you can fix them by trying different methods, you can update the Outlook older version to its latest version, configure port numbers, use the web version of Outlook.

Hope this article will help you fix the pii_email_37f47c4046493381296d6, and pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a errors permanently.



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