Corrugated Boxes

How to Design Corrugated Boxes in Many ways?


Different brands and companies use diverse packaging techniques for their product outreach. For their improved brand awareness, they prefer excellent quality packaging materials. With this, they choose packaging materials on which they need to spend less budget. Therefore, high-quality and cost-effectiveness are the aspects that most brands prefer. To get these requirements met, brands use custom printed corrugated boxes in various forms depending upon the nature of the products. These boxes vary based on their thickness level. The thickness of these boxes depends upon how many and how thick cardboard layers you use. These cardboard layers stack together with the help of s-shape layers called flutes. The flute layers add to the strength of corrugated containers and make them compatible. One can design these boxes in many forms.

Corrugated Sheets or Rolls:

These are durable and versatile sheets used for inside packaging. To define the structure of these sheets, they are made of cardboard material and typically possess two dimensions; length and width. These sheets contain one carton sheet and one corrugated s-shape sheet that are stacked together. These sheets are used to wrap insensitive objects like glass products. For the safekeeping of fragile items, these sheets protect them, especially during transportation.

Die-Cut Cartons:

These cardboard boxes are unique in their structure. They comprise flaps that joined together to form a box. The specialty of these boxes is that they can fit any size and shape. First, these boxes are designed by specialists, and then the cardboard sheets are pressed in the die-cut machines to get punched. In the end, these boxes can further be personalized by embossing graphic prints. These boxes highly protect the boxes from any hazardous condition. One can use these boxes for various purposes. For example, large die-cut boxes are used to keep electronics, clothes, and many other households.

Telescopic or Separate-Lid Boxes:

These boxes possess two telescopic sections; top and bottom. The top lid is separate from the bottom body. The typical identification of these boxes is that they have a separate lid. These boxes are commonly used to keep papers, books, and magazines, etc. Different prints are used to add customization to these boxes. Brands use logos and names along with graphic prints to enhance their brand recognition. These boxes may consist of two types:

  • Full telescopic boxes: In these boxes, the lid provides full coverage to the body. These boxes are used to keep bulky items like lamps.
  • Partial telescopic boxes: As the name depicts, the lid does not fully cover the body. These boxes are mainly used as shoe boxes.

Slider Boxes:

These boxes are made of cardboard material and have a rigid drawer. The durability of these boxes is very high. One can keep things in these boxes for a long time. These boxes are opened by pulling the slider outward from one side of the sleeve. One can use different materials to make the slider out by pulling it. For example, you can use ribbon for this purpose

Folder and Tray Boxes:

These boxes are made of one or more flat corrugated pieces. The rest of the body of these boxes contains the parts that are folding around the item. Adhesives like starch glue are used to join the folding of these boxes. The folder boxes may have different types. For instance, a one-piece folding box contains one flat carton board that is unbroken and works as a base for the folder box. The rest are the folding flaps joined at the sides of the unbroken cardboard piece. The folding flaps stacked together to cover the product.

Rigid Boxes:

Rigid boxes are used by luxurious brands to enhance the beauty and sales of their products. The brands do not need to make these boxes highly printed and colorful. Because the decency of these boxes is far enough to catch the sight of the customers in seconds. Their rigidity makes them durable and hence creates a good impression of the brand.


The use of corrugated cartons is highly used by brands to stand out in the market. The design of these boxes can be completely customized, depending on the person’s choice. You can get these boxes in different styles, sizes, and colors to meet the brand’s requirements.

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