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How To Buy The Best Water Purifier For Home?


The water purifier is one of the most important items of any kitchen. To keep your family safe from several diseases it is important to choose the best purifier for home. By selecting the right purifier, you keep your family safe from various health issues. If you select a water purifier without knowing the specifications then it would waste your money and put your family health in danger.

To make the water clean water purifiers remove the impurities from the water. There are many impurities like bacteria, parasites, metals, etc present in the water purifier. Therefore it becomes a must to choose the best water purifier for your home. Before looking at the different water purifiers available in the market you should have knowledge of the following things given below and these are

  • Types of water purifiers

There are different types of water purifiers available in the market and these water purifiers are classified on the basis of purification method. Different types of water purifiers are

1) RO water purifier- RO stands for reverse osmosis and this water purifier is best if you are staying in a place where water has a high TDS level. TDS level is high when your drinking water contains heavy impurities like Arsenic, Metals, Cadmium, Pesticides, and other harmful toxic substances. The RO filtration process removes all these harmful impurities from the water and gives clean and healthy water to drink. These water purifiers required electricity to operate. Before buying an RO water purifier for a home make sure to buy that purifier that comes with a TDS controller.

2) UV water purifier-  UV water purifiers use high-intensity UV light to kill the bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms in the water. A UV water purifier is best if your drinking water has a low TDS level. Like RO water purifier it requires electricity to operate. But the biggest drawback of this water purifier is that this water purifier is not capable of removing dissolved salts and chemicals present in the water. And the main advantage of UV water purifiers over RO water purifiers is that UV water purifiers do not waste water during the UV filtration process whereas RO water purifiers waste a lot of water.

3) Gravity based water purifier-  These water purifiers are cheaper than RO and UV water purifier. These water purifiers do not use electricity to operate whereas RO and UV water purifiers use electricity to perform the task. We can easily install gravity-based water purifiers. This type of water purifier is not as effective as that of RO and UV water purifier.  When you go out to buy the beat gravity-based water purifier, always buy that gravity-based water purifier that is based on ultrafiltration technology.

4) UF water purifier- Ultrafiltration water purifier is the same as that of RO water purifier. The only difference between Ro and UF water purifiers is that UF water purifiers do not require electricity to operate whereas RO water purifiers require electricity.

  • Capacity

The capacity of a water purifier depends on the size of the family. When you go out to buy the best water purifier for your home, you will find different capacities of water purifiers in the market. If you have 3 to 4 members in a family then you can choose a 5 to 6 liters water purifier. But if your family is large and has 6 to 7 members in a family then you can go with the10 liter water purifier.

  • Electric Or Non-Electric Water Purifier

Electric water purifiers are more effective than non-electric water purifier. A gravity-based water purifier is the only water purifier that does not need electricity to clean the water. If you stay in a place where electricity outage problems are common, you can choose a non-electric water purifier. Otherwise, you can go with an electric water purifier. Maintenance costs of electric water purifiers are more than electric water purifiers. RO, UV, RO, and UV water purifiers are electric water purifiers. All these water purifiers need electricity to clean the water.

  • Warranty and Installation

Some of the famous brands of water purifiers like Eureka Forbes, Kent, Havells, Hindware, etc provide free installation and one to two years of manufacturer warranty on the water purifier. So, Before buying any water purifier, you must check out the warranty and installation details. Otherwise, it would lose your money and efforts.


If you are really concerned about your family’s health, check out all these details that are mentioned above before buying any water purifier. If you have knowledge of something before buying then no one can make you fool and help you to choose the right product. Hope, this article will definitely help you to choose the best water purifier In India.

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