Guide For Entrepreneurs To Develop A Successful Food Delivery App Like Zomato

Guide For Entrepreneurs To Develop A Successful Food Delivery App Like Zomato

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Today, there is a vast demand and innovation in the restaurant industry as people lead a busy lifestyle, and they don’t want to dine out spending most of their time in restaurants, leaving their work and their comfort. There arises a need for food delivery apps that help them to enjoy their desired food at the comfort of their homes without stepping out, and this paved a massive way for the food delivery apps to witness a significant success,  offering a personalized dining experience in every home.

Why is there a huge demand for Zomato food delivery apps?

The change in choosing an online delivery app like Zomato over restaurants didn’t happen overnight. The reason for their success is that they understood exactly what the user needed. When a business bridges this gap, nobody can stop its success and growth. Developing apps for food delivery made their lives easier to get their favorite food from their favorite restaurants swiftly at any place they want the order. The app makes food delivery much simpler and provides users to access the app easily.

The reasons could be,

  • Availability of vast food choices from various restaurants.
  • It is convenient and simple to order.
  • Users get real-time updates, often via push notifications.
  • Giving flexibility for users to share their feedback and reviews
  • Provides discounts and offers
  • On-time Food delivery
  • Hassle-free payments
  • Personalized Dining Experience

The streamlined workflow of the stakeholders in the food delivery app

The food delivery app like Zomato offers a platform for restaurants, delivery agents, and users.

Here, we develop mobile apps, not just focusing on the user side but also for admin, delivery people, and merchants. The reason is that mobile phones play a vital role and create a major impact on everyday lives. Users prefer online food delivery and hence build a standard business model for your online food delivery app like Zomato, considering the four stakeholders.

  • Admin
  • Restaurant owners
  • Delivery Agents
  • Users/Customers

The Admin

They have complete control over the app. Using the dashboard in the admin panel, they can easily manage all the activities happening in the app and keep track of placed orders, deliveries, user reviews, payments, etc.

Restaurant owners/Merchants

The Zomato clone script is built to allow merchants to register on the platform with an account by registering the details of their restaurants and the offers. The account is accessible and can be enlisted in the app only after the admin approves it. The restaurant owners can operate with a merchant app. Using their dashboard, they can customize and alter the menu, accept or reject orders, create deals and discounts for the users, and keep track of their sales and earnings.

Delivery Agents

The delivery agents can use a food delivery app like Zomato after registering their details in a food delivery app. Once the restaurant accepts the order placed by the users, it will be sent to the nearby delivery agents. They are given the flexibility to either accept or reject the request/order as per their availability.


Users can register with the app and place orders using the app for customers. After placing the order, the request will be sent to the concerned restaurants. The users are given the option to process the payment either at the time of delivery or by utilizing the multiple payment gateway options available in the Zomato clone app.

Users can track their delivery using GPS, and once the food is delivered, reviews can be given in that particular delivery agent portal.

How to monetize your on-demand app like Zomato?

To generate a consistent income using the app, make sure to have the following revenue channels for your online food delivery platform like Zomato.

One of the must-have thoughts to have for any business before starting is to think about the possible revenue streams.

As a business person or a solopreneur, you must set up effective revenue models for your food delivery app. Listing out the prominent and popular ways of revenue generation.


You can set up a specific percentage as commission for every order the user places via the Zomato clone script.

On-site hotel/restaurant promotions

On a food delivery app like Zomato, you can charge an extra fee from the registered restaurant owners who want to run on-site ads or promotions

Third-party ads

Generate extra income by permitting third-party ads to be displayed on the food delivery app like Zomato. The admin charges them for showcasing their ads on the app.

Subscription packages

This is another way of generating revenue where you can set up different subscription packages for restaurants to register on the app. When they create an account on a food delivery app like Zomato, they can avail of any subscription at their convenience.

If the merchant wants to register a single restaurant on the app, they can select the individual package if multiple restaurants can subscribe and use the corporate package.

To avail of any packages, merchants will have to pay the concerned subscription fee.

Mandatory features to include in the food delivery app includes,

  • Easy Registration
  • Aesthetically designed UI/UX
  • Advanced Search
  • Add to cart
  • Multiple payments
  • In-app chat/call
  • Push Notifications
  • Real-time tracking
  • Multilingual accessibility
  • Reviewing past orders
  • Feedback column

Exclusive features to include to reduce the spread of Coronavirus


It helps restaurants to set virtual boundaries where they deliver and alert users when they reach that location. It ensures safer deliveries during pandemics.

Contactless delivery

To prevent from getting affected by the Covid-19, this feature in your food ordering app will limit the user interaction with the delivery agents by allowing the user to choose contactless delivery options by placing orders at their doorsteps.

Online payment

To reduce the spread of the infectious virus and reduce physical contact, it is advisable to avoid using cash as there are huge chances for the virus to spread swiftly. This feature in the app enables users to place orders by providing cashless options like paying via debit/credit cards, digital wallets, etc., for safety.

Final words

Thus, incorporate these exclusive features, revenue models, etc in your food delivery app like Zomato helps you reach a wider audience and enables you to sustain in the food delivery industry by generating revenue consistently.








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