Fortnite Guide: Where To Search ‘Chilly Gnomes’


If you are a veteran of the ‘Fortnite’ game you should know that it has a whole lot of gnome-based challenges including hungry gnomes, laughing gnomes, and chilly gnomes.

Gnome hunt has always been one of the most exciting challenges in Fortnite, this article is a whole sum of chilly gnomes, you can search Fortnite chilly gnomes easily after reading this article.

fortnite map 4
In this article, we are targeting the Season 7, Week 6 challenges where players have to find all of the 7 chilly gnomes.

Fortnite Chilly Gnomes

Well, obvious from the name ‘Chilly Gnomes’ it gives a hint of where could we possibly search chilly gnomes, we could search for them in an outside frozen location of the southwest region in the map.

Though there are 7 different Fortnite chilly gnomes which means we have to look for multiple different locations that might be a tough challenge, but if the challenge is simple to accomplish then it’s not a Fortnite challenge, what say gamers?

There is another hint when you are searching for chilly gnomes, they are garden gnome stuck in ice blocks and have a high-pitched shivering strange sound, you should be careful whenever you hear such sound.

Searching Fortnite chilly gnomes are different than any other treasure-hunt Fortnite challenges because we are not targeting the entire map, we are looking in the frozen southwest region.

Fortnite Chilly Gnome Locations

1. South of Snobby Shores is where you could find one of the chilly gnomes, it is a hill with lot of trees.   south of snoby shores

2. There is a forest on top of the hill between ‘Frosty Flights and Snoby Shores’, it has a hut in its center, following the hut go north into the trees then take a right turn, and you will see a chilly gnome there.

between frosty flights   between frosty flight 2


3. Following the direction to ‘Southeast of Frosty Flights,’ you will see a hole there surrounded by trees,you will find a chilly gnome on the left side of a shack grounded there.
south east of frosty flight    south east of fosty flight 2    south east of fosty flight 3

4. You will find a mountain with a large tree on ‘South of Shifty Shafts’, keep looking on the southern edge of that mountain and you will find a chilly gnome there.

south of shifty shaft 2    south of shifty shaft

5. You will find a chilly gnome at a tall iceberg between ‘Frosty Flights and Polar Peak’, however, you must be careful with your landing skills there.between frosty flights and polar peak

6. You have to go right on the northern edge of the ‘Happy Helmet’ location, be careful with any strange noise you heard there and you will possibly find a chilly gnome there.

happy amlet

 7. When you move ‘South of Tilted Towers’ you will see a yellow RV camper parked on a clifftop, controlling your landing skills you will find a Fortnite chilly gnome there.

south of tilted tower 2       south of tilted tower  

8. On the east side of the ‘Viking Village,’ you will find a chilly gnome location there.the viking village

9. Near to the ‘Frozen Lake,’ you will find a chilly gnome location towards its southeast edge. 

frozen lake 2   the frozen lake

These are some of the experienced locations we are sharing where you can search for chilly gnomes and will surely find them.

Best Approach to Find All Chilly Gnomes

All the above-mentioned locations will help you find some Fortnite chilly gnomes but if you want to find all of them 7, then you need to direct towards the best approach.

Here are some tactics to follow:

  • Don’t waste your time digging all the map locations, just go for the southwest frozen region of the map, you will find all the chilly gnomes there.

  • Keep your landing skills in control and make the best use of your landing skills because in the frozen region you will find most of the high cliffs covered with snow.

  • Fortnite chilly gnomes are stuck in iceblocks they make some strange noise like shivering, you should be all ears at your every move.

  • You should avoid necessary combat encounters while searching for chilly gnomes.

  • Apart from all these tactics, Fortnite chilly gnomes are well-hidden so you should put complete attention once you find any of the chilly gnomes, it will be added to your total chilly gnome count and you can interact with it.

Final Verdict

Fortnite always amazes its players with different challenges, Fortnite Chilly Gnome is one of its breathtaking challenges.

They are in total 7 chilly gnomes, you can search for them individually repeating this guide over and over, once you find any of the chilly gnome it will be added to your total.

Hope you find this article interesting and helpful, stick to us and we are coming with a lot more gaming articles that will surprisingly help you.


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