Fix Problems When Yahoo Not Working On Computer

Fix Problems When Yahoo not Working on Computer


Over the years, the media platforms have come up with many impressive features and versions of their respective email services, yet one name has been ruling the email world for a pretty long time now. Yahoo mail stands out as the best email platform for a long time now. Its user-friendly interface combined with the latest features never seizes to amuse its users. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain; similarly, yahoo also has had its fair share of low points due to some glitches and errors. Today we are going to talk about some of the major problems that cause inconvenience to the users.

Starting with sign-in problems let’s take a look at the probable causes which leadyahoo mail to your Yahoo mail not working on the computer.

  • Yahoo account is not loading.
  • Can’t sign into the mail.
  • It keeps returning to the sign-in screen.
  • The username entered is incorrect.
  • Signing Check the internet connection in from a different location.
  • The password entered by you is incorrect.
  • You are locked out of the Yahoo account.

How to fix the issue of Yahoo not working?

  • Internet connectivity- Always make sure that you check the connectivity and speed of your internet connection. The sign-in page won’t load if you have an unstable internet connection. And if Yahoo Mail Not Working On Computer, you can reset the router. 
  • Check the server status- Make sure of the fact the servers of the site are online before trying to access your Yahoo mail. You can check the status of the server by visiting the down detector since Yahoo has no public server page. 
  • Incorrect password and username-It is known to be the most common and silly out of all the other mistakes. Make sure to enter your sign-in credentials correctly. In case you forget your username or password it is quite easy to recover them, just visit the recovery page and enter the information related to the recovery of your account.
  • An account gets hacked- in the worst-case scenario where your account is hacked by someone; the only thing that can save you is the recovery details that can help you to recover your account.
  • Locked out of your account-In some cases where either the user or someone else enters the incorrect password one too many times, then the email site may think of you as a spammer and will lock you out of your account. You can fix this either by waiting for 12 hours to sign in again or by the sign-in helper. 

How to Fix secondary Issues in Yahoo?

Issue 1: When Yahoo is not receiving emails 


  • Make sure to check certain settings that may provoke this error. Blocked addresses, email filters, and spam folders are some of them.
  • Try to make sure that the sender has entered the correct email. Also, check his internet connection.

Issue 2: When Yahoo is not sending emails 


  • Large attachments- Yahoo only allows you to send an email of no more than 25GB. So make sure that your mail falls under that category.
  • Check the recipient’s spam folder-Make sure that the other person aka the recipient checks his spam folder since sometimes the emails arrive in the spam instead of the inbox. Also, check whether you’re on his block list or not.
  • Verification-Make sure to re-check every detail before you retry to send the mail.

Issue 3:  When Yahoo is neither sending nor receiving emails 


  • Make sure to check the status of the server every time you try to send or receive mail of any sort. Yahoo doesn’t have a public server so you can only check the server with the help of someone who has a yahoo account.
  • Make sure to check the internet connectivity and speed of your connection. You can also try switching to other better networks if yours is giving you trouble.
  • Always try to keep your browser updated as some features may not work properly on an outdated or unsupported browser.
  • Try to use the latest or updated versions of Yahoo mail for the best experience. You can also try reinstalling and installing the Yahoo mail app.

Tips To Avoid Yahoo not loading in Chrome

  • Your web browser should be up to date as well as compatible with Yahoo mail. To verify this you can switch your browser and then log in.
  • Make sure that whenever you change your password you either login manually or you can change the browser settings.
  • Make sure to enter the account key after you enter your password, in case you have two-step verification. 

Make sure to clear your cache files and cookies along with other junk files. This can also lead to Yahoo mail not loading in chrome.

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