FAQs-Felt Roofing London!


There are many types of roofing options available in the market. But when you are looking for the most affordable and lightweight roofing, Felt Roofing in London is the best option. Many people asked frequent questions about the roof. the answers are highlighted below to enlighten you about the perfect type of roof.

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Is the felt roof being waterproof?

The felt roof is the same as shingles so; you don’t have to worry about it. it is perfectly waterproof.

How long the felt roof can last?

If you install the roof with the help of professional roof installers, then you don’t have to worry about the life of the roof. The felt roof can spend more than 15 years easily.

Can the felt roof install in the rain?

The felt installs by the help of adhesives. So, it is not good to install the felt when it is raining because it will never fix on the wet roof. When you need the long-lasting roof, you must have to check the weather condition for the application of felt. Because it also needs time to dry out.

Can you install the felt roof on your own?

The adhesives used for the fixing of the roof are very powerful and the amount of application is measured. If you apply more adhesives or less, then the roof will not fix properly. Thus, it is better to hire professional roofing specialists for the installation of the roof.

Do you need adhesives for the felt roof?

Adhesives are the basic component which is required for the fixing of felt roof.

Can you install the felt over existing felt?

The felt roof is the same as shingles, So, there is no issue in installing the felt over the already existing roof. but make sure that the old roof is fixed properly. Because if the old roof is not fixed then the new one will also hang in the air and not fixed to the roof. Due to that reason, the duration of the whole felt roofing can effect and it will not be long-lasting.

Is it essential to hire the professional for felt roofing?

Everything will have done perfectly if you hire the specialist for it. All people can do anything by learning some techniques and YouTube tutorials. But you can’t do it perfectly o the first time or without practice. If you don’t have the issues regarding money, then you can do the experimentations but if you want perfection and long-lasting results then you must hire the professionals.

How to find the good Felt Roofing contractors for the installation of felt?

You can find a good professional on the first page of Google. The selection is easy just by seeing the rating of the company and reviews of people.

Prestige Roofing Bournemouth is the well-reputed name which is offering the highly professional experts for the Felt Roofing in London. So, when you are looking for the long-lasting durable and high-quality felt along with the perfect installation, you must have to hire them. Their services are outstanding and prices are affordable. Hence, get the perfect felt roof by hiring them.

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