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Evergreen Fitness Icons of the World


Fitness is a word of talk in this century, there are so many fitness icons that inspire us to be fit and fine because of the evolving trends of this world.

Some people often see beauty from the perspective of fitness, well if you are happy with yourself regardless of what others think or perceive about you, you are going great.

But if you want to be a fitness freak or make fitness a part of your life, you must be googling for fitness diets, fitness exercises, fitness ideas, and fitness icons.

This article is going to share with you some of the evergreen fitness icons of this world, you can take inspiration from them, their routine will make you sweat a lot but once you pop that bubble, you will see yourself breathing freshly and fitly.

Let’s jump into some of the great fitness icons of the world.

1. Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan is a Bollywood actor, he was born in Kolkata on 5th November in the year 1976, he is a mixture of two nations as his mother is a Chinese woman and father is Muslim.

He receives immense fame after being a fitness entrepreneur, he is also known as one of India’s official aesthetic kings he received many awards for his fitness awareness in India.


Sahil Khan is considered the best physique actor in Bollywood, he is also acknowledged globally for representing the Indian sports and wellness industry.

He took India to the next fitness and bodybuilding level with his sheer hard work and dedication, he has 9.3 million Instagram followers and 3.1 million YouTube subscribers.

He is ultimately a fitness icon many Bollywood celebrities are taking inspiration from him such as Kriti Sanon, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel to learn fitness tricks and exercises.

2. Richard Tidmarsh

Richard Tidmarsh is one of the renowned names of the United Kingdom fitness industry, he is also known as a strength and movement coach, the actress ‘Millie Mackintosh’ is a popular name of his fitness trainee.

rich tidmarsh

He is the owner of Reach Fitness Gym, London, Richard is known for good 10 years in the fitness industry and people consider him as a fitness icon of the world he has given more than 10 thousand training sessions in collaboration with other elite athletes.

He has 16.7K Instagram followers, you can follow him and watch his fitness training session clips, diet tips, and you can also get a free trial at Reach Fitness Gym.

3. Samantha Briggs

Samantha Briggs was born in Manchester, England on 14th March 1982, she is a professional CrossFit athlete and your evergreen female fitness icon, her weight is 62Kgs but she can lift to 170Kgs.


She has won the CrossFit 2013 games where she was declared as the 2013 fittest woman on earth, and she also qualified six more times for the same game in the years 2010, 2011, 2015-2017, and 2019.

Samantha has 666K Instagram followers, you can follow her on Instagram where she posts about her exercises, diets, swimming sessions, and supplements, which you can start for yourself if you wanna be fit as her.

4. Rob Sulaver

Rob Sulaver is a U.S.-based strength coach, cyber trainer, and writer, he is famous for his very own bandana training style.

In his interview with he mentioned that the bandana style takes him back to his university time when he was a wrestler at Michigan University, he further added that the bandana is an important part of his style.

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When it comes to fitness, this Sulaver has been seen on many famous fitness websites like Muscle & Fitness, he owns and operates his training center with the name ‘Bandana Training’ in New York.

Rob Sulaver once mentioned in his interview that he cares most about his client’s satisfaction, what they want, and he also builds good client relationships even outside the training center.

He has 28.3K followers on Instagram, you can follow Rob Sulaver there and get yourself motivated from this young fitness icon.

5. Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni is an author, artist, fitness expert, and veteran of the Air Force, her life is about empowering and changing women to the best life they deserve.


She is the author of ‘myfitnesspal’ and ‘Eat, Lift And Be Happy’ blogs, she shares videos on these blogs to help women embrace their body radiance. 

She is on Instagram with 41K followers, she shares a lot of motivational and life inspiring quotes and tips, you can follow her on Instagram and also jump into her blogs for fitness videos, Neghar is your ultimate fitness icon goal.

6. Natalie Uhling 

Natalie Uhling is a young fitness and health influencer, she owns her fitness method with the name NUFit, she is also the founder of Natalie Entertainment Group.


Natalie’s fitness team takes pride in making content for the well-being and fitness of people, you can go to her fitness site, where you can read blogs, book a class, and shop from her closet via her website.

This fitness icon and health influencer have 53.6K Instagram followers, you can follow her there to get a sneak peek of her influencer life.

Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe was born on 17th December 1973, she won London Marathon three times, New York Marathon 3 times, and Chicago Marathon in 2002.

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In the 1999 world championships Paula Radcliffe won a silver medal, she also qualified in four games for Olympics at great Britain, but never won.

She is known best for her running career as she has appeared in the BBC sports for the personality of the year and also nominated for World’s sportswoman.

Paula Radcliffe is on Instagram with 38.2K followers, you can follow her own Instagram to know more about her athlete and running life.


This world has given birth to many energetic and amazing fitness icons, if you wanna get inspired by their lives then this article will help you reach them and know them, as we mentioned above some of the evergreen fitness icons of this world.


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