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Enjoy Better Air with Mi Store Air Purifiers


Air Purifier by Xiaomi

Xiaomi has become a household name since it has entered the global consumer market. Its innovations have taken the global market by storm. Its high-tech yet simple to use and reasonably priced products have made inroads to Europe, America and Asia. In the Asian market, it has taken a special interest in Pakistan and has been offering numerous products like home appliances, tech gadgets, cellphones, accessories and other innovative products.

The Xiaomi Air purifier 2C happens to be one such innovation that addresses the serious issue of air quality at a very reasonable price. Various types of air purifier filters are also available depending on your preference. So if you are looking for air purifiers for smog or just to breathe in clean air then the air purifiers by Xiaomi are best for your needs. 

The Need for Air Purification 

Climatic change and pollution are the greatest challenges of our times. Excessive air pollution is the primary cause of countless airborne diseases most of which directly affect our lungs. 


The recent and on-going break-out of Covid-19 has so far resulted in infecting approximately 51 million people worldwide, causing a life loss of 1.3 million to date. Research conducted by health organizations proves that the Covid-19 virus is airborne, not only can it travel through air, but it can also remain in air for hours. Its ability to spread is even more deadly in enclosed places such as houses and offices. This is not the only challenge we are facing. 


Another grave challenge especially being faced by Asian countries including Pakistan is “Smog”. It is a consequence of using low grade fuel which results in toxic emissions that seriously pollute the air we breathe. The current air pollution index of Lahore is above 600, whereas anything above 300 is considered extremely unhealthy and toxic. Rights agencies like Amnesty International issued a global support request for Lahore last year. All other big cities of Pakistan are facing the same heightened smog levels. 

Recent research also proves that indoor air tends to remain polluted for a period of time, primarily because of inadequate ventilation. If you are living in a crowded city, then the probability of you catching an airborne disease is even higher. In such an environment, you should take all the precautionary measures you can.

Three Categories of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a recent innovation and can purify indoor air to protect you and your loved ones from airborne diseases. They can be divided into three categories based on the purification method they employ:

  1. Media based filters: 

Physical separation system that catches particles depending on the filter size/mesh and the material of the filter. Simplest to use & maintain filter medium varies from low grade fiberglass filters to electrostatically charged pleated filters and high efficiency HEPA filters.

  1. Electronic/electrostatic filters are high voltage purifiers that follow the process of ionization in order to capture pollutants. The downside is that they emit ozone which can trigger health issues in asthmatic patients.
  2. UV-Ultraviolet filters use UV light to kill germs & bacteria but are appropriate for hospitals. Moreover, they have to come in contact with the bug/germ to eliminate them.

Mi Air purifier 2C

Mi store is offering the Mi Air purifier 2C which is equipped with a true HEPA filter. HEPA is the abbreviation of “high efficiency particulate air”. These highly effective filters were developed to prevent radioactive elements from contaminating the surroundings. They are considered to be the best filters around the globe. These can capture pollen, dust particles, PM2.5, bacteria, mold and viruses. Please note that no manufacturer can use the term “HEPA” until they fulfill a very stringent set of requirements. 

Mi Air purifier is also highly energy efficient and requires only 33 Watts therefore you do not have to worry about electricity bills. It has a CADR of 350 cubic meters /hour. The CADR is the flow rate of clean air a purifier is capable of providing. The higher the rate, the cleaner the air inside your room. This however also depends on the size of your room. A rate of 350 cubic meters/hour is sufficient to ensure regular supply of clean air in a normal size room. The Mi Air purifier 2C is also equipped with a quality indicator which can show you the quality of air inside your room. 

Air Purifier Price

The Mi Air purifier 2C is available at Mi Store for a price of Rs.19, 999. Both online payment and cash on delivery options are available and there are no delivery charges. Three types of Xiaomi air filters are available: Mi Air purifier filter (HEPA) which can remove 99.97 % of particles as small as 0.3 microns, it is priced at Rs. 4,950 and is suitable for people who are allergic to pollen, dust and pet fur. Mi Air purifier filter (Anti-formaldehyde) is priced at Rs. 4,750 which is suitable for filtering dust, pollen, hair, condensed fumes and other tiny particles. While Mi Air purifier filter (Anti-Bacterial) is constructed with activated carbon which can absorb toxic gasses like methane, it is priced at Rs. 4,900 and is suitable for eliminating up-to 99% of bacteria. These Mi Air purifier filters are compatible with all types of Mi Air Purifiers. 

Upcoming 11 11 Mega Sale

Consumers can benefit from the 11 11 sale on Mi Store and avail up-to 60 % discounts on various products. The sale 2020 starts on 11th Nov and will last till the 13th Nov, so Mi fans can make the most of it. Also be sure to check the blessed Friday sale to avail amazing discounts and deals we have for you.


Mi Air purifiers are capable of preventing not only the accumulation of physical pollutants like dust and other airborne particles, but can also considerably reduce the effects of smog. They are right now one of the most effective weapons against the spread of Covid-19. Serious smog levels in big cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad demand from all of us that we take as many precautions as necessary. One of these precautions is doing our best to improve the quality of indoor air by installing air purifiers. The Xiaomi Air Purifiers along with their specialized filters address these issues amicably.

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