Effective Ways to Use Discount Codes in ecommerce Website


You cannot deny the fact that Juicy promo codes are hard to ignore. Customers love it when they see a store is offering a discount on their desired product. A vast majority of shoppers expect to get a good deal or discount while shopping online. Thus, discounts serve as a powerful tool in your conversion arsenal to bring loyal customers and drive high sales. If not done right, discounts can also harm your business seriously. Therefore, learning the ways to use discount codes rightly is critical to your eCommerce success.

This blog covers the pro tips to when and how to effectively use discount codes and generate the revenues that you just have imagined.

Share of Adults in the UK Who Use Discount Codes for Shopping Products and Services

To give you a clearer picture of how important is to offer discounts and vouchers, see the graph below.


The above graph shows the clear picture of the adults in the UK who use discounts and voucher codes to shop the daily life products and services in 2018.

Want to win the eCommerce Promotional Game? Consider the Ways Below to use Discount Codes Rightly!

Let’s dive further into the blog to know more about the time and ways to use discount codes correctly for your customers.

Discounts for the First time Visitors

Nothing is worse than having a good on-site engagement rate but a seriously low conversion rate.

According to a common belief, only 2% of new visitors convert. Meaning that majority of your site’s first-time visitors don’t take any action. So, how can you turn your 98% site visitors into your customers? One of the best ways to do so is to encourage them with an attractive offer or with free discount codes. For example, you can convert them by offering a 10% discount on their first purchase. In this way, the conversion rate of your eCommerce website ultimately starts increasing.

The codes of new site visitors work only when they exchange their email address with you. So, not only you will get a brand new customer on your list who buys from you, but you can also send them future deals and offers.

2. Discounts for the Abandoned Cart Users

There are so many reasons why 69% of online shoppers leave their cart. Maybe the increasing costs, unfeasible payment options are probably the major ones. The shopping cart abandonment rate is getting high day by day and it’s a serious matter for you as an e-commerce store owner.

To tackle this issue, you can send an email to bring back your abandoned users by offering them a discount code of at least 10 to 15%. If this strategy does not work, you can create a sense of urgency by sending an email to buy that product with a discount within 24 hours.

3. Discounts for Loyal Customers

Everyone loves to get rewarded for their loyalty, and this case implies to customers too. The best way to reward your loyal customers is to offer them an attractive deal for making a purchase from you. Offering rewarding discounts to your loyal customer is a great way to retain them that serves as a constant sales booster for your business.

4. Social Discount Offers

Offering discounts on social media is gaining huge attention to acquiring new customers astonishingly. As a commerce store owner or a social media marketer, you must be aware of the importance of sharing content with peers. It’s a great way to use discount codes on your e-commerce site effectively by offering incentives to the visitors who like and follow your social media pages and share them with their network. Not only this, but they will also sign up for future social marketing by promoting your brand to their links. Such types of offers are usually a percentage-based discount or a flat sale offer on their next purchase.

5. Free Shipping Discount Offers

Use this tip only if it fits well within your budget, otherwise, you can damage your sales. You can offer free shipping discounts to the customers for spending a certain amount of money to buy from your e-commerce store. A lot of customers expect free shipping offers from the e-commerce stores on buying the products in bulk or bundles. In fact, 73% of online shoppers say that they are more likely to shop online by getting free shipping offers from a customer.

6. Pre-Launch Promotions

Are you launching a new product or building a brand from scratch? Take advantage of and create a buzz for your to-be-launching product by running pre-launch social media promotions. Offer your customers a pre-launch discount offer to give them a “once-only” discount. Usually, it’s the way to ask your target customers to subscribe to your email, like your social media page, and share the excitement of your prelaunch product with their friends.

Are you Ready to Convert with Discounts?

By implementing the above tips, you can easily use discount codes code to compliment your brand. The point that matters is you should start offering discounts to your customers with a clear picture of what your brand is about, and how much is your marketing budget?

Having a strong grip on your profit margins will allow you to choose the right budget of discounts to drive your conversions. Don’t forget to observe the strategies that your competitors are using. Moreover, put yourself in your customers’ shoes in order to grab and retain them. Know what they want and expect from you and what things are valuable to them. This way you can skyrocket your brand by effectively using the discount codes on your e-commerce website.

Good luck!

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