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It sounds a little scary to write an essay for those who haven’t read this article yet. An essay is a written composition where you give a specific idea and then give it evidence, statements, and clarifications. The composition of an essay successfully means taking care of the logic of the reader. Writing essays is a major aspect of several competitive tests. You must use the correct method to imply the art of writing essays. Who has never written an essay or learning to compose and here you can get all the solutions at the right spot. Here will be presented with a variety of important phases in the writing of the essay. With these simple tips and tricks, you can start writing your essay efficiently and confidently.

Tips to write an essay

Study the essay type

The first step is to figure out what sort of essay you will write. There are some types of essays that can be classified into

Narrative: Tell a story or provide information

Persuasive: Impressing the readers about some point of view

Descriptive: Focus ongoing on topics.

Argumentative: Taking a controversial position and present proof of your position

Compare: Identify similarities and differences between two subjects typically within a common scope.

Problem Solution: Test the problem, persuade the reader to take care of the problem, suggest a solution, and be willing to remove the objection.

Choosing a topic

Choose a subject from an overview of the article and get an interesting subject by type of essay and purpose so that you can create an up-to-date essay. After you have been given an overview. If you find it difficult to develop an essay, ask your teacher for help, and you will be given a subject.


You can’t write an essay only if you know what to write about. Brainstorming is the process in which the subject of the essay is developed. You need to think about concepts.

Note down all that immediately springs to mind, as you can narrow down these subjects later on.

Brainstorming can help in developing a subject more properly and to understand the links between the different facets of your subject.

Use a map or overview to organize your ideas

Some students are scared to start writing. In this regard, you can always begin planning your ideas with a diagram or outline.

Creating a Diagram

The preceding are helpful steps to draw up an experimental diagram to structure your thoughts.

  • Draw a circle to write in the center of the page.
  • Write the topic of your essay inside your circle.
  • Out from the circle draw some lines.
  • Create a circle at the end of the lines in the center of the scene.
  • Write a big thought about your subject in a smaller circle or post a comment about it. Write down your points. Write down the major categories in which information can be divided.
  • Now draw from each circle three more lines containing one main principle.
  • At the end of each line draw a circle.
  • Finally, write in each of the circle’s details or knowledge that supports the main concept.


These are useful steps to create a framework for the development of ideas for your essay.

  • Take a page and at the top write the topic.
  • Write the number to the subject
  • Write the key points or ideas on the topic of your essay next to each number.
  • Write under each numeric the details or evidence supporting the main statement or idea.

Creating a thesis statement

Having an understanding of the basic structure of your essay and what details in your essay would you present, it is time to create a statement on your thesis. A thesis statement demonstrates what your essay aims to prove. The readers can know by a thesis statement that what the essay is about and what points you are trying to make. A statement of the thesis should also be plain, brief, and exact. You can now determine what points you want to convey through your essay if you already selected a subject and created a diagram.

In a thesis statement, there are two essential components. Part one is the subject and part two is the point of the essay.

Introduction part

The first paragraph of the essay is the introduction. It captures the curiosity of the reader. The following terms should explain your declaration of opening. Please complete your thesis statement with the introductory paragraph.

Body Part

You will clarify, describe, or discuss the subject you chose in the body of your essay. If you have put four main ideas in the outline, then four body paragraphs will be included. Every paragraph will discuss one of the key ideas supporting the statement thesis. The first part of the body should give your thesis the strongest statement. Each paragraph will discuss a key concept that supports your statement of intent.

Conclusion Section

The final paragraph of the article contains the conclusion.  This paragraph should refocus the statement of your thesis with different details. The paragraph should describe the points made in the essay as a whole. The final sentence must show that the essay is complete. Your concluding paragraph should assure the reader that you are sure that the principle set out in your thesis statement has been confirmed.


Bonus tips for you

  • Offer the essay a fitting title to gain readers’ interest and curiosity.
  • It’s 300-500 words for the perfect length
  • Words should be simple and organized.
  • Do not allow any grammar errors, use proper spelling, and punctuation.
  • Make a rough draft before the essay begins. This means that the story works and that it’s not unorganized.

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The FAQs

How do I make my essay clearer?

First of all, read your essay loudly. It captures a lot of run-on words and unusual transitions.

If your essay is confusing or unclear, take a look at the thesis of your body paragraphs to see if they fit your dissertation.

Why is writing an essay so tough?

The main explanation for writing an essay is that we focus more on external awards such as graduation or the approval of our teacher. It is not only making writing a lot less fun but also making it a lot harder if you rely on external approval.

Is punctuation so important?

The right use of punctuation shows a mastery of grammar in English.  Proper use of punctuation is vital .punctuation gives us useful hints about how long and complicated sentences must be read and, above all when we read very quickly

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