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Easy Ways To Fix Outlook Error: Pii_Email_2776F13CB4EB31324AA1

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If you are facing Outlook Error pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1 then this article is going to ease your problem, you will find the reasons that caused this error and solutions to fix it.

Microsoft Outlook has been proved as an integral part of our daily life communication, whether it is dedicated to business, personal, or academic.

It helps people in managing and programming e-mails, keeping tabs on task meetings, and a lot more, however, sometimes users might have to face some glitches.

The pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1 error is one of the most frequently generated glitches by the Outlook application.

Let’s dig into pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1 error.

What is pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1 Error?

The pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1 error is one of the drawbacks of Microsoft Outlook applications, it acts as a hurdle on the proper working of this application when this error occurs it restricts people to send or receive e-mails in a normal manner.

Before knowing the solutions to fix the pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1 error, it is good to know the reasons first which cause this error.

Underlying Reasons: pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1 Error

Consider it a glitch in software but a solution to a problem only works when you the reasons that caused it, below is the list of some apparent and common reasons that might be helpful to pick an exact solution.

  • One of the common reasons for this error might be the use of multiple Microsoft Outlook accounts and most importantly without clearing existing cache and cookies.
  • An incorrect or incomplete installation of the Microsoft Outlook application could also give rise to this error because when several applications try to access the account from a similar device the pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1  error shows up.
  • This error might pop up on your screen because of the outdated version that you are using because the developers of Outlook try to fix issues of previous models with the updated versions.
  • Sometimes people failed to detect the cause for this error might be due to less tech knowledge, if that’s the case then ‘Microsoft Support Team’ is the answer.
Simple Solutions to Fix: pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1  Error

Here are some simplest yet effective solutions to fix this error:

Upgrade Microsoft Outlook Timely

Almost every software requires its up-gradation from time to time otherwise they start malfunctioning, similarly, Microsoft Outlook needs to upgrade as soon as its latest version is out.

There are strong chances that if you are failed to upgrade your Outlook application it will start generating glitches that will interrupt the smooth use of this application.

It is preferable to check the version of your Outlook application before moving towards any other solution, this solution will also remove all the dead and damaged Outlook files from your system.

If you are willing to reinstall Microsoft Outlook then first create a backup of your existing Outlook files so that you won’t lose your important files and documents.

Once you are done with reinstalling or upgrading refresh your Outlook application and try sending an e-mail to see if the error is gone, if it still shows there try another solution.

Clear Cache and Cookies for best Result

Now that you already reinstalled or upgraded the Outlook application and the error is still showing it might be the point that your system is having cache and cookies.

Your next step is to clear all these existing cache and cookies from your system so that you can enjoy the glitch-free working of Outlook.

Stick to the steps to clear cache and cookies:

  • Go to the documents
  • Select “Clear cache and cookies from outlook’’
  • Hit ‘Save’

After following these steps within few seconds your system is free of all the cache and cookies of Outlook, now your next step must be to log out of Microsoft Outlook, you can shut down or restart the device for best results.

Use Auto Repair Tool to Fix the Error

If you are still facing the error after the previous two solutions then don’t worry you can fix this error simply using the auto repair tool, it will help you fix the error permanently.

The auto repair tool works in a very tremendous manner that it automatically detects the problem causing the pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1  error and opt for the most effective solution to fix it.

You can make it possible by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the ‘Control Panel’ and analyze all the details of Outlook
  • After that, start the tool’s function setup
  • Go to ‘Office 365’ application and select Outlook application
  • Now you can select any repair you want

After performing all these steps, select a kind of repair or fix and follow the commands as shown on your screen.

Once the repair process is finished, restart the device go to the Outlook application, and check for the error by sending an e-mail.

Step Away From Third-Party Email

Another reason for the pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1  error might be that you are using more than one e-mail application for your correspondence.

This will create conflicts between two or more applications and affect the smooth working of the Outlook application and results in the pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1  error.

You can fix this by uninstalling or removing all the third-party email applications from your system, after that restart your Outlook application and the pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1  error is likely to be gone.

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Bottom Line

Microsoft outlook often generates glitches like pii_email_2776f13cb4eb31324aa1  error you can fix it by following all the methods mentioned above in this article.

In the best-case scenario, we advise you to review all the reasons so that you can go with the most effective and best solution.


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