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Cladding Ceramic Tiles

Tile cladding ceramic tiles are the best option if the facade or interior decoration of the walls requires the presence of finishing materials. Natural tiles cannot always be used for these purposes. It is quite heavy and bulky and has a fairly high cost. It is preferable to use decorative tiles type tiles.

Clinker cladding is possible on any wall surface: concrete, calcareous tiles, sandstone, etc., on new objects, and during the restoration of old buildings. This is the most convenient way to implement architecture and design projects of any complexity. For restoration work, a stone or clinker effect tile with an “old” structured surface is produced. An example of such a facade finish is the products of the Indian factory and as an interior solution, the products of the Italian manufacturer collection, look interesting.


In the modern construction market, there are three types of facing tiles that imitate tiles: ceramic, polymer-cement, clinker. The main raw materials for its manufacture are natural components: clay, sand, white cement, quartz. The special properties (durability, resistance to humidity, stability to temperature drops) are the result of the use of special technologies, modification with polymeric additives.

The most affordable are ceramic products, with the help of which you can more accurately simulate masonry, completely repeating the texture and color scheme. During finishing work, it is not even necessary to close the joints: the excess mortar is simply smoothed out with a brush between the individual elements. The most popular are solutions that do not completely imitate tiles but only copy its shape and texture. An example of this is the collection of exquisite design Copy the style of the mosaic, imitating the masonry of small tiles.

Polymer cement tiles after laying can be very similar to ceramic. But it is thinner and lighter. Also, using special technologies, it can be given a wide variety of textures, of any color. For example, imitation of a stone can also be done using polymer cement technology. Clinker tile cladding for tiles is considered the highest quality cladding material. It is made with a special eco-friendly annealed clay technology, adding melting pigments and coloring. Products are formed by pressing, after which they are cooked at a temperature of 1250 degrees.

The components of the initial mixture are sintered to form a monolith. Clinker outperforms all ceramic tile products in terms of strength. Due to its low porosity, it is immune to low and high temperatures, it is characterized by increased wear resistance, immunity to moisture, and aggressive chemicals. Therefore, the scope of its use is quite wide, from finishing bathroom interiors to covering floors and paths.

A special place in the range of wall products is occupied by glass products that imitate ice, cobalt, phosphorus, silver, gold, marble, etc. The very idea of ​​creating imitations of other materials using glass is not new. Finding original shapes for this type of glass, making the product ergonomic – these are the urgent tasks that manufacturers are solving today.

As a general rule, it is quite expensive to completely cover all surfaces in a room with glass tiles. But in most cases this is unnecessary. It is enough to decorate a certain section of the wall with a mosaic and your interior will “shine” in a new way. The laying process involves the same type of solutions, which does not complicate the coating work at all. The series of tiles are very relevant, which are a kind of “mixture” of glass and ceramic. Thanks to this, an unusual play of color appears its depth and the texture of the material. More and more collections of digital ceramic wall tiles from famous brands include glass decorations, borders, cutout elements. Thus, the Vitrea series of ceramic tiles from the Maioliche dell Umbria factory makes it possible to create impressive stained glass windows thanks to the multicolored glass mosaic that resembles small tiles. This trend has a clear upward trend as a separate unifying point for ceramic and glass. In addition to mechanical resistance, aesthetic appeal is an important quality of ceramic products that reproduce tiles. The technological characteristics of production allow us to produce products of different sizes, a wide range of colors, original textures.

The tiles online store Tiles wale offers customers a large selection of tiles-like tiles at an affordable price. We guarantee high quality and an attractive cost of the collections presented, ideal for the exterior renovation of buildings, interior renovation of any premises. With us you can buy a tile for tiles, which is in no way inferior to this material in its performance characteristics: it perfectly tolerates sudden changes in temperature, which ensures its wear resistance and durability. Furthermore, veneering ceramics are practically resistant to chemical attack. Thanks to these properties, the ceramic finish extends the useful life of the entire structure, maintaining its impeccable appearance over time.

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