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As Covid-19 has halted the entire word and created a great deal of fear around the world. Covid-19 performed everything in this planet, and cricket as well.

Cricket Australia (CA) will not reveal the fresh contract list as scheduled in March.

As Covid-19 has interrupted the entire term and triggered a lot of confusion worldwide. Covid-19 has done everything in this country, and even cricket.

Cricket Australia (CA) will not reveal the fresh contract list as expected in March. The move had been decided by the Australian Cricketers ‘Association (ACA).

“We worked very well with Cricket Australia and the ACA, collaborating with them .

At the moment it’s about waiting a little while for us to get the necessary details and they’re able to move forward from that.”

“With the confusion of what’s going on around the world at the moment, it makes sense to take a minute, take a breath

and figure out what we’re dealing with and what possible impacts it might have on the game moving forward,” Lanning, the women’s captain, told reporters on Monday (March 30).

The pandemic hasn’t struck Australia’s home season as hard as India’s claim, the latter in the midst of a crisis to make the Indian Premier League 2020 dates to be viable.

In comparison, Australia lost a few home ODIs against New Zealand and the last few Sheffield Shield games, but their

home season’s Big Bash League and other show stoppers were played out at the time of the pandemic struck.

In addition to a ban on recruiting, the CA executives have reportedly also taken a pay cut. In the near future the teams,

who are equal partners in the game, will also need to take pay cuts.

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