Cool Knives

Cool Knives – The Multi-Purpose Tool That You All Need


Cool knives are a type of knives that come with cool looks, and that is why they have been named as such. The cool looks they have come in the form of engravings, inscriptions, customized designs, and even cool colors. 

What most people are not well aware of is the fact that the knives you see in your kitchens daily are a multipurpose tool. From serving you in the kitchen to protecting you outdoors, knives come in handy for each and everything.

Cool Knives - The Multi Purpose Tool That You All Need
Cool Knives – The Multi-Purpose Tool That You All Need
  • Some Main Types of Cool Knives

    There are a variety of Cool Knives for sale that will stop you in your tracks. All of them are special, as all of them are made and are meant for a unique purpose. Check out the cool offerings listed below:

    • Fixed Blade Knives

    Fixed blade knives are a primary type that belongs to the family of knives. As the name may have given you a rough idea, they are knives that have tightly fixed blades on top of handles, which are neither removable nor replaceable. You may be thinking of this as a con, but the fact is that this is a valuable part. You get to use the blades for more challenging things such as hunting, cutting, and self-defense. 

    • Cool Pocket Knives

    The very next collection that you will jump into consists of the cool pocket knives. The pocket knives are also the main type of knife family. Contrary to the knife as mentioned above, these knives have the folding ability in them, which makes them best at portability. You get to carry and move around with them just by having them in your pockets and bags. The easy to take the feature of the knives makes them an ideal safety tool. 

    All other knives for sale that you will come across are types of fixed blades and folding ones. Let us get you acquainted with a few hot-selling ones: 

    • Manual and Spring Assisted Knives

    The manual and the spring-assisted knives are subtypes of folding knives where the latter operate manually; that is, you need to open and fold back the blade with the tip of your fingers. Whereas the spring knives come with a button that pop opens the blade and similarly assists in folding back the blade. The safe mechanism of the spring tool makes it an ideal tool for beginners.

    • Brass Knuckle Knife and Hidden Blade Knife

    Two good tools that have been specially designed and created are the brass knuckle and the hidden blade knife. The brass knuckle knife is a two one knife that includes a knife with handles having knuckles on them. The weapon is a combo of two weapons that makes it best for self-defense. The hidden blade knife, on the other hand, is a tool that comes in items of daily use such as a necklace, pin, or even a comb. These items make it impossible for anyone to guess if you are equipped with a weapon or not. If you want to keep yourself safe along with keeping your weapon hidden, these are the knives to go for. 

    • Daggers and Machetes

    A few notable and historical weapons that you will find include daggers and machetes. Both weapons are historical as they had been in use in the past. Militaries used Daggers for combat, and as they had double-sided wide blades, they proved to be quite useful. The machetes were used for farming. They have a long blade that looks like a sword, but the blade they had was curved, which made it partially look like a sickle. Both are weapons of history and are recommended for collection purposes. 

    Uses of the Cool Cheap Knives

    You may be thinking that all cool cheap knives are meant for kitchen use only. However, we will prove you wrong as the knives are good for a couple of things. You can use knives for kitchen things such as eating, slicing, and cutting. You can also use the blades to cut several things in the wilds, such as obstacles while you are out a camp night. 

    Moving on, the blades are ideal protectors. Weapons like the dual combo knives, daggers, and all folding weapons have been specially created to cater to the need of self-defense. They are portable and are fine safety tools. You can even hunt things down with a couple of knives, such as the hunting knives, which have been specially created for hunting. 

    Grab Your Knife from an Online Knife Store

    Coming to a conclusion, you can buy your weapon from any online knife store such as the Knife Import. You will also be surprised to find out that the knives come at low prices. You can buy them for yourself, or you can buy wholesale knives to sell-off ahead. Whatever you have in mind, the knives will be the best buy. Without any further delay, grab your cool knives right away. Not only are the knives a multipurpose tool, but you also get multiple options to choose from while deciding on buying one. The types differ in terms of the handles and blades they have, and they also differ in terms of the overall design. Let us walk you thoroughly through the different types of really cool knives.

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